The Dead Ex by Jane Corry | Book Review

I’m back on the psychological thriller hype and I’m loving it. Today’s review is by an author that I’ve read in the past and adored and was the result of a spontaneous Kindle book splurge last week. Jane Corry is slowly but surely becoming one of the queens of psychological thrillers – last year I was involved in the blog tour for Blood Sisters and naturally I’m always on the lookout for new releases by authors that I enjoyed. I came across The Dead Ex by pure chance whilst I was perusing the Kindle Book Store for a few spontaneous buys during the week. It didn’t take me long to get stuck into the book and before long I was buried knee deep in the mystery of where the ex-husband of Vicki, our intriguing protagonist, has vanished to.

The Dead Ex by Jane Corry | Book Blogger

The Dead Ex by Jane Corry is narrated by three different characters- three women, all important to the story in their own way. The first is arguably the most important – our protagonist Vicki, tells of how her ex-husband has disappeared without a trace, and because of memory issues linked to her epilepsy, she is unaware of whether or not she is involved in his disappearance. The second narrator, Scarlet, is a young girl who, having been brought up by a manipulative drug-addict of a mother, goes into care when her mother is arrested and imprisoned for drug-trafficking. Finally, we are introduced to Helen, a third woman, half-way through the book, a young woman who seems to have a point to prove. She is set on seducing David, Vicki’s ex-husband, although we don’t learn her reasons for this until later on in the story.

The story is full of twists and turns and it isn’t until the end of the story that the connections between the characters become apparent. This was another book where it wasn’t until right towards the end of the book that I clocked on what was happening- although the final twist I don’t think anyone could have seen coming. I enjoyed the characters throughout the story: I found Vicki a very easy character to connect with and my feelings towards her were incredibly sympathetic: a lot of the feelings that she had towards her ex-husband were very understandable but in no way did I ever suspect that she might actually have killed him. Did she do it? You’ll have to wait and see. In contrast, David’s character was one that I instantly disliked- and we didn’t even really get to know him! He came across as a controlling and manipulative husband, incredibly sneaky and not to be trusted at all.

I’d definitely recommend The Dead Ex to anyone looking for an exciting and easy beach read. Again, I’ll be waiting patiently for Jane’s next book and I’m sure it’ll be just as good. The Dead Ex by Jane Corry is published by Penguin and can be purchased on Amazon here.

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