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Liverpool has always been the place in the North for good quality restaurants and excellent food. If you asked me to name my favourite restaurant within the city, I’d have a hard time cutting it down to fewer than ten. It’s fair to say that one of the restaurants that is right up there with the best of them is Seel Street based Alma de Cuba.

Alma de Cuba Liverpool has featured quite a lot on my blog over the years – I am always more than eager to go along to events or menu tasting if asked. Last week, Richard and I were invited to the restaurant to try out their new summer menu so we booked in for the Friday evening and counting down the hours and minutes until it was time to tickle our tastebuds again.

If you’ve never been to Alma de Cuba before, now is certainly the time to rectify that. The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out, and carries a grace of sophistication that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere in Liverpool. It’s the perfect venue for romantic dinners, hen parties or other celebrations and there really is something for everyone to endulge in. Rich and I started off the evening by ordering a lovely bottle of white wine for the table and our waiter was quick to bring over a jug of iced water for the table. At this point it’s worth saying that our waiter was an absolute delight for the entire evening – I just wish I had thought to ask for his name to sing his praises further! He ensured that our wine was topped up throughout the night and offered to take photographs, made recommendations and frankly, made the entire experience all the more fantastic.

sweet potato and chorizo croquettes alma de cuba

Wine ordered, and it was time to pick our food. I’m going to be straight up and not beat around the bush here: I knew exactly what I was ordering about three days before we got to the restaurant, I’d studied the menu that seriously. Richard, being much more spontaneous than I am, wasn’t as overly prepared so we spent a few minutes perusing the menu and revelling over how delicious each of the meals sounded. We’d decided to go for all three courses so choosing the right dishes was key to ensure we didn’t crash and burn, filling ourselves up too quickly. One of my favourite dishes to order irrespective of the restaurant is Croquettes so my choice was the Sweet Potato and Chorizo Croquettes, whilst Richard took one for the team and ordered Scallops– a delicacy that I’d never tasted before but was more than willing to taste-test if Rich ordered them. The Sweet Potato and Chorizo Croquettes were everything I dream of in a croquette: crispy on the outside, tasty and moist on the inside. They were accompanied by garlic mayonnaise – a light and delicious starter that really warmed up my palette for the main course. The Scallops were perfectly cooked – salty, tasty and accompanied by a perfect chilli jam.

scallops with chilli jam alma de cuba menu

mojito crusted lamb shank alma de cuba menu

Starters completely devoured, our mains followed quickly. Richard had the Chicken Supreme whilst I opted for Mojito Lamb Rump. Again, we were not disappointed. My lamb was perfectly cooked and to be honest, I can’t rave about it enough. It was probably one of the most delicious pieces of lamb that I’ve ever eaten at a restaurant – the crust was salty and complimentary to the lamb; the potatoes were fluffy, and the accompanying juices brought the whole dish together. The meal left me completely satisfied and I could have eaten the dish for the entire week without tiring of it in any way. Richard’s chicken was equally as delicious – the mushroom orzo that came with it was absolutely fantastic and could easily have been served as a unique dish on the menu. 2 courses down, 2 very satisfied foodies.

chicken mushroom orzo pasta alma de cuba menu

Dessert is always a difficult one, particularly when you’re spoilt for choice. I umm-ed and ahh-ed over a few different dishes on the menu before eventually settling on the Kalúa Mocha Macaroon, which ended up being a very good choice, if not for the mocha icecream alone. Richard decided on the Pineapple and Mango Cheesecake – which he scoffed without letting me have a taste, so I imagine that it went down an absolute treat.

Alma de Cuba Mocha Macaroons - Alma de Cuba MenuDessert | Cheesecake | Alma de Cuba New Menu

Alma de Cuba is a fantastic place to eat – the prices easily reflect the quality of the food and in fact, I think you’re getting real value for money considering the experience you’re treated to. Alma offers a whole host of fantastic cocktails if you’re more of a cocktail kind of person and there are dishes suitable for vegetarians if need be. You can view the Alma de Cuba Liverpool menu here, if you so wish! As far as I am concerned, Alma never fail to impress and I can’t wait for my next visit in the very near future!

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