Goodreads: July/August To Read List

July August to read haul

Summer is finally upon us and it honestly couldn’t have come any sooner. One of my favourite things about the summer holidays is that I finally get the time to sit down and read as much as my heart desires, and this summer is absolutely no exception. Contrary to popular belief (aka Richard’s belief) I am on a book ban at the moment so I’m trying to read books that I’ve had on my shelves for a while. That said, there are a few newer purchases – granted, they’re preorders, so does that really count? I’m going with no – alongside my previous shelf offerings.

Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig

The first book on my list has been pre-ordered for a while now and I was quick to get stuck into it as soon as it landed on my doormat. Matt Haig is an author whose work I have loved for a long time now, with reviews featuring on my blog for two of his more recent books (Reasons to Stay Aliveand How to Stop Time both being fantastic reads.) Notes on a Nervous Planet was very similar in essence to Reasons to Stay Alive, but focused more on surviving in a world that is completely engulfed by technology and living to better oneself. I absolutely adore Matt’s style of writing and it’s fair to say that this book is yet another excellent read (I have just finished it at the time of writing this!).

Last month I received a copy of Daisy Buchanan’s How to be a Grown Up from the publishers for review. Having flicked through the book a little bit, it really looks like something that I’m going to love. Daisy Buchanan is laugh out loud funny and I’m really looking forward to reading a book that is honest about life and its difficulties. Being a grown up is tricky, there’s no doubting that at all!

Before She Met Me by Julian Barnes

Julian Barnes has, over the years, quickly become a favourite author of mine. By no means have I read all of his work, but I’ve devoured Levels of Lifeand The Sense of an Endingand loved both. This month my Barnes of choice is Before She Met Me, a book that I’ve owned for quite a while but not got around to reading. From what I’ve read of it so far, it takes on a very similar structure linguistically as The Sense of an Ending – it is poetic to read and every page is an absolute delight. I’m looking forward to finishing the story and moving onto another of his works.

Origin by Dan Brown

Dan Brown is another one of those authors that, when he releases a book, you just have to buy it. There’s still very much a hype around Dan Brown and his novels so I preordered the paperback edition of Origin as soon as it became available online. I know absolutely nothing about the story other than the fact it features everyone’s favourite cryptologist Robert Langdon but if it’s anywhere near as enthralling as Angels and Demons, or The Da Vinci Code, or Infernothen I know that I will be more than impressed.

The Last physical book on my monthly to-read list is another book that I’ve owned for a while – I am not a big fan of YA Fantasy, generally speaking, so this one is a bit of an odd choice for me but I’ve read so many round-ups including this book that I thought it was finally time to give it a shot. I’m really hoping I enjoy it because I’ve got the entire trilogy waiting for me to read on my shelves.

What are you reading this month? Have you read any of my choices? Let me know in the comments!