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If you asked me what my favourite type of cuisine is, then I’d come to a pretty good conclusion incredibly quickly. Whilst I’m partial to a pasta dish and I love getting my tastebuds fired up by Indian food, I would always, always choose Spanish or Greek tapas as my restaurant type of choice. When I was invited to Silk Rd Liverpool for a bloggers evening and the opportunity to try out the best of their menu, I leapt on the opportunity to try a relatively new restaurant that tackled my absolute favourite type of food.

I was not disappointed.

Gin | Silk Rd | Hollie in Wanderlust | Food Blogger

Located just around the corner from James Street Station and Oh Me Oh My, Silk Rd is a hidden gem in a city populated with fantastic restaurants. Arriving at the restaurant, I was greeted by the lovely ladies from Pink Media who organised the event: it was nice to put names to faces after corresponding with them and it was clear to see that we had a fantastic evening ahead of us. The lovely owner of the two Silk Rd restaurants (the other is located in Heswall, on the Wirral) introduced himself and explained what the brand was about, which was a lovely touch and it was interesting to learn about the origins of the Silk Road and how the trading route has influenced their menu choices. Our bartender for the night introduced one of the restaurants more Adult choices: a fantastic gin passport, that you get stamped upon purchase of specific gins. As a gin lover, this is a concept I can definitely get behind and I’m excited to return to the restaurant and fill up my passport. Food arrived shortly after and it was at this point that everything changed. Our first gin was a Martin Millers one, served with strawberries, black pepper and elderflower tonic water. My gin of the night.

Spanish Tapas Platter | Silk Rd | Hollie in Wanderlust | Food Blogger

Spanish Tapas Platter | Silk Rd | Hollie in Wanderlust | Food Blogger

Over the course of the night, the food was brought out to the tables as and when it was ready, so by the end of the night there was a LOT of food about and not a lot of space to move around it! First to be brought out were exciting charcuterie Tablet platters: bread, olives, serrano ham and manchego cheese. I managed to land on my feet a little bit here and have one strategically placed next to me, to the extent that no one else seemed to really notice it was there, meaning that I ate pretty much the entire platter to myself. Definitely whetted the taste buds and I was more than ready for starters now. As well as Tablita, we were also able to try out the Silk Rd Platter, which was a platter of pitta with different dips and Gyoza, which were absolutely delicious pork dumplings with a soy dipping sauce to accompany it. Our next gin was served (to cleanse our palettes, of course): Gin Mare with orange, rosemary and Mediterranean tonic water. This one was just as delicious as the first. The highlight of the entire night was actually a dish added to the tasting menu at the last minute: a fried halloumi cooked in a mixture of honey and salt. Honestly the best halloumi dish that I’ve ever had the fortune of eating.

Honey Battered Halloumi | Silk Rd | Hollie in Wanderlust | Food Blogger

Pork Dumplings | Silk Rd | Hollie in Wanderlust | Food Blogger

Sea Bass and Mango Salad | Silk Rd | Hollie in Wanderlust | Food Blogger

Beef Kebabs | Silk Rd | Hollie in Wanderlust | Food Blogger

Main courses were also a highlight. Delivered in the same way as the starters, there was more than enough food for everyone and the choices were vast. We were treated to Patatas Pobre (poor potatoes) with chorizo, buttered black prawns, Seabass served with a mango salad, the most delicious sweet potato curry, originating from Pakistan, called Chana Masala, andbeef kebabs – Yaour Tlou – which were absolutely delicious. I’m not a big fan of cauliflower but Silk Rd’s Califlower Steaks were actually really tasty. The final main course was a Soft Shell Crab Bao which unfortunately was a little bit too much for me, but the others commented on how tasty it was. All of this was topped off with a Malfy Con Lemone Gin. Silk Rd Liverpool definitely knows its gin and food combinations, that’s for sure!

Patasta Pobre | Silk Rd | Hollie in Wanderlust | Food Blogger

At this point, dessert was probably a bit of a risk, considering the high chance of my stomach exploding but we all know that being full doesn’t count when dessert is involved so we delved into Banana Frittersserved with coconut icecream and fruit of the forest Eton Mess.

Banana Fritters | Silk Rd | Hollie in Wanderlust | Food Blogger

The entire night was an enormous success. The food was absolutely delicious and the staff were fantastic, attentive and incredibly informative. I’ll definitely be returning with Rich at some point, if not just for the halloumi dish. Silk Rd Liverpool is definitely somewhere to explore and get a taste for.