Life: The Six (Sensational) Songs that Bring Me Joy*

I love listening to music- I listen to music on the way to work, in the car, even in the shower. I spend far too much of my time lusting over the perfect full scale speaker systems in Currys and John Lewis, with the Panasonic Multi Room Speakers the top of my lust-list. I can only imagine that listening to fantastically beautiful music through clear as day speakers would make it that bit more enjoyable. Last year, my favourite TV show, Gilmore Girls, aired a revival series. In this series, Emily Gilmore discussed a minimalist approach of getting rid of the things in life that no longer bring joy to your life. I twisted this approach somewhat and came up with the idea of only listening to music that makes me happy – focusing my attention on the songs that bring me joy and getting rid of the negativity of music that I don’t enjoy as much.

Narrowing down my favourite songs to just six was a challenge in itself as there are so many incredibly songs that I could have chosen by these artists – these are songs by artists who have significance to me, for whatever reason. I could be here all day listing song after song and provide you with a pretty substantial playlist but my desert island six are as follows:

Back 2 Good by Matchbox Twenty

My favourite band of all time is without a shadow of a doubt Matchbox Twenty- choosing just one of their songs to include in my Six Sensation Songs was difficult but when push comes to shove there really is no song that’s as beautifully structured and written as Back 2 Good. The song builds itself up into a tremendous climax, delivering lyrics with meaning that I’ve struggled to find elsewhere.

Sometimes by James

Aged 8, my dad introduced me to a band called James. Since then, he and I have been to see James in concert more times than I can remember off the top of my head – to put this into perspective, we’ve seen them five times in the last two years. Sometimes is probably one of their more popular songs, principally because of the incredible reprise and the build-up to the end where a musical delight explodes. An interesting anecdote that Tim, lead singer of James likes to tell about the song involves Brian Eno, who in tears described it as being a ‘highlight of his musical career’ upon hearing it for the first time. If that’s not something to brag about, I honestly don’t know what is. This song means more to me than anything and sharing it with my dad at concerts is just incredibly special.

Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol are probably my guilty pleasure band – I’ve been a fan since I was at high school. I was lucky enough to get tickets to go and see them in concert in January of next year and the song I’m most looking forward to screaming back at Gary Lightbody is definitely Open Your Eyes – arguably not the obvious Snow Patrol track, with crackers like Run and Chasing Cars in their repertoire, but a song that makes me incredibly happy no matter the circumstances.

Turning Page by Sleeping At Last

One of the more underrated groups – regularly played on the likes of Greys Anatomy and introduced to the UK through a Nationwide bank advertisement – but one of my favourites is Sleeping at Last. Sleeping at Last could easily have filled the entirety of this list as the music is so versatile and suited to everyone – a mixture of covers, piano instrumentals and daring lyrics. Beautifully perfect.

Una Mattina by Ludovico Einaudi

Introducing the children I taught last year to classical music was something that I’m particularly proud of, and Ludovico Einaudi was the principally played artist as far as this is concerned. Una Mattina and Devinire are two albums that I could listen to over and over again and Una Mattina’s title track just pushes its way to the top of my list. Einaudi is simply flawless in his compositions and my ultimate dream is to go and observe one of his concerts.

Bigger than Us by The White Lies

This song narrowly pipped Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen to the post so you can probably understand that this was a difficult choice. There’s just something about this song that instantly makes me feel happy and ready to tackle the day ahead of me.

Six Sensation Songs Playlist | Hollie in Wanderlust

The thought of blasting this playlist around the house, from one room to another, whilst doing the cleaning, working in the office, or working out in the bedroom is something that pleases me to no end so I’m going to get working on persuading Richard that a speaker system is something we urgently need.

What are your six sensation songs? Help me build up a list of music to add to my loves.