Time is Precious: Value it*

Over the last year I have discovered that it is SO important to value your mental health and do things that make you feel happy, as well as the things you’re expected to do to maintain a good work:life balance. Taking the time to actually value my days off has been a target of mine for a while, and I do believe that it helps me both mental health and happiness wise, and there’s no reason why it can’t work for everyone else.

Taking the time out of my busy schedule to actually appreciate everything around me and enjoy a bit of down time is a challenge for me, but one I’ve been trying much harder to stick to. Taking every second and every minute into consideration and making the most of this is much harder than I’d anticipated but allowing myself that breather is really doing me wonders. Earlier this month, ADEXE London gifted me with a beautiful watch to give me ample opportunity to consider the minutes I’m wasting and appreciate the time I have a little more.

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Plan ahead (and stay organised.)

I am not a spontaneous kind of person, try as I might. If I know I have a day off, I like to know exactly how I’m going to fill it way ahead of the game. I fully appreciate (and to some extent, admire) people who can get up on a Saturday morning and spontaneously decide to visit somewhere fabulous. I do not work like that in the slightest: even small day trips require the most detailed of planning, so planning ahead is definitely a way of ensuring that I’m making the most of time off.

Have at least one work-free day.

Sometimes it’s just too hard to switch off entirely but ensuring that you have one day a week where you spend time improving yourself and your happiness.  Even if your work-free day involves being settled on the sofa, binge watching Gilmore Girls and munching your favourite snacks then so be it – just make sure you take the time to actually HAVE that day to yourself. I’ve been trying to coincide my work-free day with Richard’s day off at the moment and now that I’m all done at work, having that time is even easier.

Day trips are not just for old people.

I absolutely love a good old-fashioned day trip. Living in Merseyside, there are so many amazing things to go and see right on our doorstep so Richard and I are making a conscious effort to get out of the house and explore the sights around us. Firm favourites of ours are trips to Chester, wanders around Sefton Park and Lark Lane and when we’re looking for a little further afield, trips to Blackpool and its famous Pleasure Beach. We have a few little trips in mind for the coming weeks, so I’ll be looking forward to sharing those with you too.

It’s okay to just have a lazy day.

It’s all well and good using your days off to explore and visit new places but sometimes, you just want to sit at home and do absolutely nothing (see previously mentioned Gilmore Girls marathon.) Some of my favourite days off have been spent on the sofa stuck in a good book, with a face mask on and a Chinese takeaway en route to my house. If you need some TLC and don’t feel like socialising- that’s okay. Look out for yourself and do whatever makes you happy.

What do you do when you have a much-deserved day off? Let me know in the comments!