Still Lives by Maria Hummel | Book Review

Getting stuck into a good book is my favourite thing to do, particularly when the nights are getting longer and the evenings chillier. I don’t really need an excuse to get wrapped up in my duvet but having a good old-fashioned thriller in front of me definitely helps. Whilst I was focusing my attention in October on more creepy reads, I also had a few ARCs on my to-read list for book tours in November.  This month I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous hardback copy of Still Lives by Maria Hummel, a thrilling mystery that kept me right on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

Still Lives by Maria Hummel | Part of the Reese Witherspoon Book Club

Part of the Reese Witherspoon book club (yes, that Reese Witherspoon!), Still Lives surrounds the disappearance of a famous artist, Kim Lord, responsible for the creation of an exhibition full of self-portraits of recreations of famous murders, where women are the victims. Kim replaces the murdered women with self-portraits of herself in these grotesque images, depicting the way in which the women died. When Kim Lord fails to show up to her own show, things start to look incredibly sinister, particularly when Maggie, our protagonist, is the ex-girlfriend of Kim’s partner Greg. Maggie has her own issues, carrying a feeling of responsibility towards the death of one of the women featured in Lord’s show. Maggie takes it upon herself to dig deeper and try and find Kim – or at least, find out who has abducted her- before it’s too late.

I am all about women’s fiction and I’ve made it part of my mission to read more writing done exclusively by women recently and this book was an excellent read. I enjoyed the characterisation immensely and I thought that each character played an incredibly important part of the story. Whilst I didn’t guess who the perpetrator was, it wasn’t overly surprising either but by no means did this mean the book was any less exciting. It had me obsessed and I read it incredibly quickly, transfixed from the very beginning. For lovers of thrillers and psychological fiction alike, this should be a must read.

Thank you to the lovely team at Quercus for providing me with a finished review copy. Still Lives is released in hardback on 1st November.  Opinions remain my own.

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