Bookmas Day 2: Book Advent Calendar #1

There’s nothing more exciting than opening up an advent window- even more so when the window is actually a book and the book is a surprise! Today I was able to open the first book of my handmade book advent calendar and see what my Book of the Month for January 2019 is going to be- The Last Romeo!

The Last Romeo by Justin Myers was actually a late addition to my Amazon wish list but I am incredibly excited to get stuck into it. The story follows Adam, a young man who has recently broken up from his boyfriend. Living in London with its massive reputation for romance is proving difficult whilst single so Adam does what any single adult living in the big city would do – signs up to dating profiles, sets up a blog and writes all about his experience.

I am incredibly excited to read this one- it’s been compared to Bridget Jones, which as we all know, is never a bad thing. Considering that this is the first book on the pile and I have another 11 of these to go, my expectations are now sky high and I’m looking forward to unwrapping the rest of the books.