Bookmas Day 5: 4 Books to Read…

In my lifetime, I have read hundreds and hundreds of books and whenever I recommend a book to someone, I find myself walking away and thinking ‘oh, I should have said… instead.’ With that in mind, I decided to put together a list of some of the best books I’ve read recently, sorted into their appropriate categories. Links do include affiliate links so if you choose to buy one of the books as a last minute Christmas gift for a special someone, I will receive a few pennies in return (but it won’t cost you any more!) I’ll be adding onto this list over the next few days so feel free to check back and see if anything has been added that takes your fancy!

4 Books to Read… in one sitting

4 Books to Read… about the War

4 Books to Read… if you fancy a good old cry

4 Books to Read… when all you need is a laugh

4 Books to Read… that will make you feel tense

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