Bookmas Day 8: Book Advent Calendar #4 (and a wee giveaway!)

This really isn’t going to get boring for me anytime soon! My 4th book on the advent calendar isn’t one that I’ve had on my list for all that long, but it’s one that I’m really excited to read. I am a massive lover of Historical Fiction, specifically relating to the Second World War and I’ve recently been making a massive effort to read as many books in the genre as possible. I’ve devoured The Tattooist of Auschwitz and fallen in love with the characters in The Ragged Edge of Night. The next book on my remarkable list of War Fiction reads is Beneath a Scarlet Sky.

Beneath A Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan is a book that appeals to me on so many levels. Set partially in Milan (one of my favourite cities in Europe), the book follows Pino, who wants nothing more than to distance himself from the Nazis and their operations across his country. His family home is destroyed by bombs from the Allies and he joins an underground railway network that works to smuggle Jewish refugees across the Alps and out of Italy. His parents then force him to enlist in the German army, thinking that doing so will protect him from the dangers of the war. Pino finds himself in a very interesting position- able to spy on the Germans on behalf of the allied forces.

When the order was put through for the books for this amazing advent calendar, unfortunately for my bank balance but fortunately for a lucky reader, 2 copies of Beneath the Scarlet Sky were ordered. Now as much as I love books, I have absolutely no need for two copies of the same book so instead of sending it back I thought I’d just hold a little giveaway for my readers! Part of the enjoyment of writing a blog comes from the discussions that come out of posts and reviews, on here and on twitter, so why not say thank you quite literally with a gift!

If you fancy your chances at winning a copy of Beneath a Scarlet Sky, all you have to do is follow my twitter account and retweet the following embedded tweet. I’m also offering an additional entry to people who follow me on Instagram (@holinwanderlust).