Bookmas: Unwrapping A Book Advent Calendar

Hello and welcome to Day 1 of Bookmas! My very own Book edition of Blogmas! Assuming everything goes to plan, every day this month of December will involve a Book related Blog post. I’ve never done Blogmas before, because I’ve always been far too busy to plan and deliver a post a day, but this year may well be the year! Now, onto today’s post…

Hollie in Wanderlust's Christmas Book Advent Calendar - Christmas 2018

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the excuse to ask for- and buy myself- brand new books. I’m a book blogger – of course, I have far too many books on my TBR pile already, books that I’m absolutely nowhere near finishing, but I also have no self-control, so that list is probably just going to get even longer.

As a book lover, the thought of a Book Advent Calendar is something that I’ve fancied for years now and I must admit that I’ve searched high and low for the perfect one with very little success. There are Book Advent Calendars aplenty, don’t get me wrong- however, I wanted something a little bit more personal, based on my own interests and obviously these didn’t really offer that service.

I have more than enough books in my amazon basket to stock an entire new bookcase and I tend to order the safer options on the list – the psychological thrillers, the books that are on offer, the books by authors that I know and love. This means that I’m limiting the books I actually get around to reading and limiting the types of books that I read. Realising this, I wanted a way of ordering the books I actually want, but not knowing which ones I’d chosen- which was where my fabulous boyfriend came in.

I proposed the idea to him in September – he would be given a list of books of my choosing, with a small synopsis of each, and a budget to stick to. He would use this list to choose 12 books (because I am not a millionaire and cannot possibly afford 25 in one go) for my very own Book Advent Calendar and would wrap them for me, ready to open one a day, alternating days, leading up to Christmas Day. At first, I thought he’d refuse – who wants to sit and wrap 12 presents at once? But to my surprise (and glee) he admitted that actually, he likes wrapping presents and the project was born: I was going to receive my very own Book Advent Calendar, personalised to my taste.

At this point, I haven’t started unwrapping any of the presents. I have no idea which books Richard chose for me (I was VERY good to disconnect Amazon from my phone and not check previous orders, as tempted as I was by this!)

So, this all sounds great, right? But what’s the point of it, other than acquiring a new book for 12 days? I’ve decided that each book I open will represent a book I’m going to read each month of 2019- the book I open on the first day will be read in January, and so on. My goal for 2019 will be to read a whole range of new books, books that I might not have chosen myself. It also gives me and Richard something to chat about – he’s always asking me if I’ve read the book he chose for me, and it’ll be nice to be able to tell him yes, every single month for a whole year.

What kinds of books will you be asking for this year? Have you ever taken part in a project like this? Do you have your very own Book Advent Calendar? Let me know in the comments!

Creating My Own Book Advent Calendar