Tell Me A Secret by Jane Fallon | Blog Tour

Is anyone all that surprised that we’re now in 2019? I’d say no – 2018 seemed to fly by, let’s be honest! I’m kicking off 2019 with a book review, of course and I’m pleased to see a returning author back on the blog. I reviewed My Sweet Revenge on here back in 2017 so I was more than delighted to be invited back on the tour this time around for her newest release Tell Me A Secret. I really enjoyed My Sweet Revenge so naturally, I was excited to see where this book would take me!

Tell Me A Secret By Jane Fallon | Hollie in Wanderlust Book Review | Book Blogger

Tell Me A Secret is a book that focuses on revenge and what happens when you set out to achieve it. Holly, a single mum, has been given a serious promotion at work and needless to say, she’s over the moon. She’s spent the vast majority of her life putting her daughter first, and with a grandchild on the way she needs the additional income. It goes without saying that not everyone is as happy as she is about the promotion and when things start to go awry, she finds herself doubting every one of her friends and colleagues.

Workplace feuds are not uncommon – I imagine a number of people have found themselves in similar situations to this one, so the book will certainly resonate with a lot of readers. I really enjoyed the characters and their relationships – I saw myself in a few of the characters, particularly Dee, although there’s definitely a bit of Roz in me as well! As is the case with most books, guessing the ending became a massive objective of mine and I spent a lot of time switching between who I thought was responsible for all the nastiness – every character seemed to have their own reasons for doing it so I did find it a tricky nut to crack!

I really enjoyed reading Tell Me A Secret and I’m really happy to say that Jane Fallon definitely didn’t disappoint on this one! I’ll be awaiting her next publication!

Tell Me A Secret by Jane Fallon is published by Michael Joseph on 10thJanuary.