My Realistic 2019 Goals

2019 has definitely come around far too quickly- I swear it was 2015 about twenty minutes ago! Every year I make a New Years’ Resolution and every year, I find that it’s unrealistic and something that I just can’t stick to, for whatever reason. This year, I’ve decided to give myself goals – achievable goals that I know will benefit me as a person.

2019 Goals That I'll Probably Keep This Time Around | Hollie in Wanderlust | Lifestyle Blogger

Be more consistent and have more confidence in what I do.

I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a long while now- the vast majority of people who I knew through blogging when I first started out no longer blog and I must admit, I’ve never stuck at something as long as I’ve been blogging for. At the same time, in 2018 I’ve really disappointed myself. Naturally, I put my career first and working 60+ hour weeks at school has seriously affected the opportunities I’ve been able to accept and the work I’ve been able to put into my blog. I took a massive leap of faith in the last few months and decided that my end goal is that I want to work for myself, changing certain aspects of my life slowly but surely so I could see if it was actually a viable option. I’ve been working as a freelance copywriter part-time since September, slowly reducing my actual working hours to account for additional clients and I’m hoping that 2019 will bring me the confidence – and the client base- to work entirely for myself. I have seen so many people I know taking that leap of faith and it’s so exciting knowing that one day soon, it might be me. For now, I’m incredibly content in the job I have and there’s absolutely no rush. My goal is ultimately to have more faith in myself and work more consistently on my blog – I don’t want to let 5 years of writing go to waste.

Look after myself.

I have a habit of getting so caught up in everything around me- work, writing, looking after everyone around me and so on- that I forget to slow down and take some time to look after myself. Some of you may know just how difficult I have found the last few years health-wise – I have always struggled with food and making sure my diet is both calorific and nourishing and as a result, my weight has fluctuated. I had a pretty serious illness half-way through the year and I lost a lot of weight as a result of that, so the last few months have been difficult, trying to regain the weight I lost and keep the weight on me. I also forget that looking after myself extends beyond making sure I’m eating. I’ve made a conscious effort the last few months to remove negativity out of my life, whether that be through people who I find to be quite toxic, through people who just annoy me or else things that make me feel bad about myself and my way of living. It’s been quite refreshing to not feel like I constantly have to live up to everyone else’s expectations and only have to please myself. 2019 will be a year of self-love and good health.

Be More Minimalistic.

I have a habit of spending all of my hard-earned pennies on clothes I don’t need and books that I don’t have space for around the house. This year, my plan is to only buy what I need in terms of clothes – I’ll be being much more minimalistic and buying clothes that will last a long time as opposed to succumbing to the temptations of fast fashion. Whilst I know that I won’t be able to stop myself from buying books, I am going to try and make sure I am reading the books that I already own before I buy boxes and boxes worth of new ones. Probably my hardest goal for the year but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to achieve it.

Have you set yourself any goals for the year? Let me know!

Creating and achieving realistic 2019 goals | Hollie in Wanderlust | Lifestyle Blogger