Day of the Accident by Nuala Ellwood | Blog Tour

There’s absolutely nothing better than a new release from an author that you’ve absolutely loved in the past, is there? Back at the tail end of 2016, I absolutely devoured the debut psychological thriller by Nuala Ellwood, My Sister’s Bones, so I was over the moon to receive an email inviting me to join the blog tour for Nuala’s most recent release, Day of the Accident.

Day of the Accident by Nuala Ellwood | Book review by Hollie in Wanderlust | Book Blogger
Do I have to mention the fact that I’m an absolute fiend for psychological thrillers? I think that’s a given for most of my followers nowadays but if you’re new to my neck of the woods then you’ll soon come to realise that my love for psychological thrillers is incredibly profound. I love guessing my way through a novel and find it incredibly satisfying getting to the end of a story having had no idea right until the end. Day of the Accident is, needless to say, set in the aftermath of a terrible accident that leaves Maggie seriously injured and her precious daughter fatally so. Maggie cannot remember anything about the accident upon waking up – she is told that she was parked near a river when her car’s brake slipped and plunged straight into it, her precious Elspeth belted up inside.

Whilst Maggie can’t necessarily remember, she does know one thing – the whole explanation for why her daughter died just does not add up. With her husband missing and no one seemingly able to give her an explanation, she starts to look into the case herself and takes things into her own hands. When strange things start to appear, things that belonged to her daughter, she begins to question whether Elspeth is actually dead at all…
I loved this story – it was fantastically written and I was immediately connected to Maggie in the aftermath of her accident. I don’t have children yet myself but I was able to put myself directly into Maggie’s shoes and try to understand just how traumatic the entire experience must have been for her. I understood all of her choices and how she reacted to each piece of information she was exposed to. I enjoyed Julia’s role in the story a lot and Sonia was an absolute breath of fresh air – what a lovely character! If anything ever happens to me, I hope I have a lady like Sonia in my midsts to look after me. I did guess one of the ‘twists’ towards the end of the story but that by no means made it any less enjoyable – I was just able to feel a little bit smug that I’d managed to figure it all out. The other major twist was a complete surprise and allowed the final pieces of the story to fit together perfectly.

Day of the accident is an intricately thought out story with a ‘must read more’ feeling about it.