The Rumour by Lesley Kara | Book Review

It’s fair to say that I’ve had a hectic few weeks, but I’ve managed to get quite a lot of reading done in this time. I had a weekend back at my parent’s house which was much needed and gave me the opportunity to switch off and not worry about the little things that have been getting me down. Now that I’m home and reunited with Rich and Hector I’ve feel rejuvenated, motivated and ready to get going with the weeks ahead of me. I’ve had The Rumour by Lesley Kara in my Amazon basket for a while now. I’m trying to stick to a strict spending plan at the moment and the buying of books is one of the things that I’m monitoring closely but when I noticed that the hardcover of this book had dropped down to £5, I knew that it was an absolute no brainer. As I say quite regularly, I love me a good psychological thriller and it’s fair to say that The Rumour was absolutely no exception to that.

Rumours can spread like wildfire and sometimes, they can be incredibly dangerous. Sometimes they can put you, your family and everyone involved in serious danger. That is definitely the case here, when a rumour starts to spread that Sally McGowan, a woman who, at the age of 10 years old murdered a little boy, is living in the small village where the story is based. All of this happened 48 years previously, and Sally has been living under a pseudonym in protected custody since then. Joanna, our protagonist, hears the rumour at the school gates and somehow, manages to pass the rumour on. Once it moves from one group to another, all hell breaks loose and accusations start flying. Unfortunately for Joanna, someone doesn’t like the fact that she was the one who initially spread the rumour and things, strange things, start to happen. Things that will put here and her little boy in serious danger.

I absolutely LOVED this story. Every single little thing about it was fantastic. I love a book where the ending isn’t immediately obvious and although I eventually clicked as to what the twist was, it was more of an unbelieving ‘it CANNOT be that, can it?’ I flew through this books, finishing it in around 24 hours on and off and honestly, if I hadn’t had plans with family I probably would have finished it in a single sitting. I loved the style of writing, I loved the characters and their relationships, I loved the air of intrigue it carried around with it. I loved how deliciously exciting it was and I am more than ready to read more by Lesley Kara. It’s quite unbelievable that this was a debut novel as it read like a book written by someone with ample experience in the genre.

5/5, no doubt about it.

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