30 Blog Post Ideas for Bloggers Lacking Inspiration

Sometimes, sitting down and writing a blog post can be harder than you would expect. Staying constantly inspired and coming up with great ideas for new posts is a challenge in itself and often, you find yourself in a rut and feeling incredibly unmotivated to write. When this happens, luckily there are people out there with tonnes and tonnes of great ideas on what to write about, giving you that little bit of breathing space when you’re uninspired yet still allowing you to produce content for your blog and your audience. I’ve come up with 30 ideas for blog posts when your brain is feeling a little bit frazzled and you just have no idea what to write about:

30 Blog Post Ideas For Bloggers Lacking Inspiration

30 Blog Post Ideas For When You’re Feeling Uninspired

  1. A Get to Know Me Post- whether you’re an old or a new blogger, I’m sure there are people out there who don’t know all that much about you.
  2. Share your favourite recipes – you could do this as individual posts or else as a round up of all the food you’ve been cooking recently that you’ve enjoyed!
  3. Share your goals – for the month, year, next 5 years, and so on!
  4. Write reviews of the restaurants you have visited recently – it doesn’t have to be a long review, you can share your thoughts on your most recent outings and where your readers NEED to visit to eat in the future.
  5. Write a travel guide for your city and help out the tourists!
  6. Review your favourite brands – this could be fashion or beauty brands, food types – pretty much anything you love!
  7. Write about your morning or evening routines – how do you get yourself up and organised and wind down in the evening? Share your tips.
  8. Write a letter to somebody – could be a friend, a parent or else your future self.
  9. Talk about your dreams for the future – romantically, individually or in terms of where you see yourself in five or ten years. Share your dreams with your audience.
  10. Write lists – your top ten cities, books, films and so on.
  11. What I’m wearing… – talk about the outfits you’re wearing that you’re absolutely loving at the moment.
  12. Currently Loving – Books, Films, TV Shows and other things that are tickling your pickle at the moment!
  13. Share a DIY post – if you’re crafty then take advantage of it and share your talents with your audience!
  14. Your guilty pleasures – what do you love that you’re a little bit ashamed about?
  15. Your favourite blogs – share the love and invite your audience to have a look at some of the posts by your favourite bloggers.
  16. The things you’re feeling grateful for this month – if you’ve had a particularly good month and you’re feeling grateful for things or people then share it with your following.
  17. The best date ideas – if you’re in a relationship and you’ve had some lovely, cheap and cheerful dates then share them on your blog! People are always searching for blog post ideas that talk about the ways of spicing up love lifes.
  18. Things to do before you’re X years old – write something you can look back on in the years to come and challenge yourself to do certain things before you’re a particular age.
  19. Top Blogging tools- this can include the apps you use on the regular, any technology you have to help you with blogging and any books you might have read that can guide you towards blogging success.
  20. If you’re engaged, or already married, you could share the story of how it happened. Everyone loves a beautifully romantic engagement story!
  21. University post – if you went to university, you could write a blog post about how it shaped you as a person, whether you have any regrets about your course and how the course you studied has helped you so far. On the other hand, you could write about why it’s okay that university isn’t for everyone!
  22. Saving hacks – how to save money – on groceries, on clothes, on everything!
  23. Tips for decluttering – Marie Kondo-ing your life is such a massive vibe at the moment so why not share your ideas on how to do it.
  24. Lessons you have learnt – maybe from a particularly hard time you’ve had, a previous relationship or an experience that didn’t go as you’d expected.
  25. The things you wish people knew about you – this will go into your personality and the type of person you are.
  26. Things to do with your friends (in your city?) – unconventional things you can do that will make beautiful memories with your friends.
  27. Interview someone – it could be an author, an interesting local person or else another blogger. Get to know someone else and use your platform to share their story.
  28. Your thoughts on a current fashion trend.
  29. Discuss current affairs and how you feel about the different things going on in the world!
  30. Health – talk about healthy changes you can make to your life to benefit you.

Any more blog post ideas to share? Add them to the comments and help your fellow bloggers find that much-needed inspiration and motivation. Blog Post Ideas are plentiful – you just have to take the time to write about them!