Why Getting Up Earlier Has Changed My Mindset | Lifestyle

As a teenager, I would happily sleep until noon. I needed all the sleep I could possibly get – I played sport, I went out with friends and I had a part-time job at the weekend. Since I hit my mid-twenties, sleep has started to be my worst enemy. It doesn’t come all that easy to me and I find myself waking up regularly during the night. Work means that it’s not always possibly for me to go to bed early but getting up earlier, at a reasonable hour is something that I CAN control and quite frankly, it has changed my entire working mindset.

I feel more alert.

Weirdly, getting up earlier is having an adverse effect on me and I’m actual more awake than if I stay in bed and sleep. Arguably this is because I’m falling asleep straight away in the evening when I get into bed and sleeping through the night – but post-shower at 6 or 7am, depending on the day of the week, I feel revitalised and ready to tackle my working day head-on.

I am much more productive and get stuff done.

It might sound obvious, but getting up earlier and actually sitting down to work before the average person has even left the house results in much higher levels of productivity. The have been occasions where I have set my alarm for 5.35, gotten up and settled myself at my desk by 6am – and gone on to write an entire 1500 word article by the time the clock struck 7am. This surge in motivation usually carries me forward through the rest of the day- feeling motivated earlier in the morning means that I stay motivated for much longer and as a consequence, my day is much more productive than if I’d gotten up at 9am. Getting up earlier gives me the opportunity to be more efficient- I just have to put the work in.

I have more personal time than ever before.

Getting up earlier in the morning ultimately means I get things done a lot more quickly – at this point, I have a choice. Either I can take on more work and earn additional money, or else I can have some personal time to myself and work on my blog or else relax with my partner. My decision on which direction to go down depends on a few things – usually how many articles I have taken on that week and whether my partner is actually off work himself but I wouldn’t be able to give myself this choice if I had gotten up at the normal time – I would have to work on until 7pm. Having time to yourself to relax is important and by getting up earlier I am able to give myself this time, without feeling guilty about it.

I can have some much needed ‘me time.’

Living with my partner is absolutely fantastic- it’s nice having someone to wake up to every morning and spend time with in the evening. It’s also nice to have some time for yourself and often, working from home eliminates this opportunity. Getting up earlier than my partner means that I have a few hours of ‘me time’ where I can get stuff done and think about my day and my goals with a little bit of solitude. Often, much needed.