Reducing Fast Fashion Buys & Buying Sustainable Clothing

Fast fashion is a massively controversial thing nowadays and unfortunately, I’m more than guilty of taking full advantage of it. Being able to buy clothes that are in style and at a reasonable price has always been appealing to me but I’m trying to be more mindful of the larger issues attached to fast fashion and buy clothes that are both sustainable and longer lasting, reducing the amount of fast fashion purchases that I make by a substantial amount. As things stand, the fashion industry has an enormous impact on the environment and experts warn that if production continues as it is that the industry could account for a quarter of the entire world’s annual carbon budget by 2050.

Needless to say, this is not good enough. As I said before, I am more than guilty of buying clothes for the sake of it – if I see something in the sale, I’m more than tempted to buy it because of the fact that it’s cheap. I don’t take the time to consider how I will wear or how often – if at all. As I sort through my wardrobes at the moment in an attempt to recycle old clothing, I find items of clothing that I haven’t even considered wearing – some still with tags on. Fast fashion problems are plentiful but saying this without actually doing anything about it is arguably just as bad as living in an unsustainable way.

I need to take some responsibility here. I love fashion as much as the next person and looking good is quite high in importance to me. I don’t, however, need to wear something new every time I go out somewhere. I don’t have to buy something just because it’s on sale. So, I’ve made a deal with myself. I’m going to buy clothes based on wearability – I’m going to pay a little bit extra for quality. I’m only going to buy things that I know I will wear over and over again, unless a special occasion calls out for a new outfit.

I’m not going to be silly about it – the clothes I own at the moment will remain in my wardrobe. Getting rid of them would just be silly. Any clothes that I own that I know I won’t get any more wear out of will either be recycled or sold on. I’ll be working on buying small pieces that will complement the items that I already own – scarves to add colour to black outfits, sweaters that will last more than a single run in the washing machine, jeans that will keep their shape after wear. I’m going to Kon Mari the heck out of my wardrobe and see how I can make small changes to my purchasing to reap the rewards later on down the line.

How are you trying to be more sustainable? How are you going to go about reducing fast fashion purchases?

How to reduce Fast Fashion purchases easily in 2019 | Hollie in Wanderlust | Fashion Blogger