Spicin’ Up My Life at Barburrito Liverpool

I am definitely a foodie. I love to eat, particularly when the food is of a good quality. I have my favourite cuisines, like anybody, and I know what kinds of food I love and the kinds of foods that I’m certain that I definitely don’t love. I did not believe that burritos were the kind of food that I liked to eat- until I visited Barburrito Liverpool. Since then, we’ve eaten burritos like they’re going out of fashion.

Barburrito Liverpool Chicken and Chorizo burrito | Hollie in Wanderlust | Food Blogger

I wouldn’t say I’m a food snob, but I must admit I was overly sceptical about how a chain of restaurants could be as good as everyone said they were. My friend Laura, for instance, is obsessed with the place and my partner would eat burritos for every meal if I’d let him. I’m not a fan of messy food and a burrito just screamed ‘messy and impractical’ to me. With this said, I must admit that I have been converted over to the burrito loving club (and I’ve even been back to Barburrito Liverpool since this event! Shock, horror!)

Arm in arm with my partner in crime, we arrived at the Barburrito Liverpool One hosts without any expectations whatsoever. We had no idea what we’d be getting up to at the event – other than the promise of a burrito to eat and where the location of the restaurant was, I was none the wiser about what we were going to be doing. A last minute petrol run and the prospect of running out of petrol en route meant that we arrived a little bit after everyone else, but that was fine – it wasn’t awkward or anything and the lovely host helped us order drinks and got us settled along with the other bloggers who had come along. We learnt a little about the history of the brand and how it came about and then we were invited to try out all of the different ingredients that make up a burrito- a little taster session before we had the mighty job of filling and rolling our very own burritos. Barburrito caters to both meat eaters and veggies which is always a good thing and there’re plenty of different flavour combinations to choose from – meaning that even the fussiest of eaters can find something to suit their needs. After much trial and tribulation, I decided to go with the chicken and chorizo meat filling and piled my burrito high with rice, beans and all the other delicious bits that make up the tasty Mexican treat. I do think I won’t be giving up my day job as far as burrito making is concerned – it’s much harder than it looks to roll up but I was able to go home safe in the knowledge that I had rolled up my own and that it tasted absolutely delicious.

Hollie in Wanderlust | Food Blogger | Review of Barburrito Liverpool

A lovely event, an exciting experience and such a tasty meal. Barburrito is perfect for students and working adults alike – they host a student event on a Thursday – and is reasonably priced considering how filling they are. As an ex-burrito sceptic, I have been converted.

(Food was provided by Barburrito Liverpool One but opinions remain my own, as always.)

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