Understanding My Needs (and Knowing When to Slow Down)

The temptation to spread myself too thin has always been a major issue of mine- I love being busy, I love feeling productive and I love the thrill of knowing that I’ve smashed all of my goals and worked hard. Working an actual real life adult job with consequences alongside freelance writing and launching a small business essentially means that my free time has become incredibly limited – and the chances of me overworking and pushing myself over my breaking point has increased exponentially.
With this said, I’m taking the time to consider how exactly my body works and what it needs to be productive and thorough, as well as the clues it gives me when I’m not looking after myself the way I should. I’ve focused my attention on a few things that give me the best chance of positive living and I not only feel more productive, but also healthier and happier in myself, mental health and physical health wise.

Working on understanding my body and my needs | Hollie in Wanderlust | Lifestyle Blogger

Cooking healthy meals.
Anyone that knows me well knows that cooking is one of my favourite things to do and I try and cook healthy, good quality meals as far as possible. It’s not always feasible to have a fresh meal on the table every night, especially when my partner and I have such differing work schedules most of the time- but I do make a conscious effort to meal plan as much as I can and eat fulfilling foods that are good for the heart and soul. I’ve replaced my usual snacks with more healthy bits and bobs to eat and I’m seeing the positive affect this is having on my wellbeing, particularly as far as my mental health and overall fatigue is concerned.

Working on understanding my body and my needs | Hollie in Wanderlust | Lifestyle Blogger

Spending time with my friends and family.

With friends and family as busy as I am, it’s difficult to find time to meet up and catch up on life’s finer details. I’m trying to make more of a conscious effort to meet up with friends and I’m also trying to be better at keeping in touch with friends who don’t necessarily live near me – I’m not the best at replying to texts, but this is something I’ve been working on improving. My goal is to pencil in plans with friends as frequently as possible, in the hope that this will keep me motivated and cheerful.

Giving myself much-needed days off.

As a workaholic, telling myself to shut off completely is hard work. I’m always switched on in some way or another, conscious of the things I could be doing in my spare time. I’ve realised over the last few months that pushing myself to breaking point is only damaging to my health- and I’m actually much more productive if I know that I have some lovely plans ahead of me to relax and take my mind off the stresses of life. Taking time in the evenings to wind down with a book, go shopping (or window shopping, if I’m trying to be good) or else just going out for a drink with my partner are all ways I’m improving my mental livelihood and boosting my work ethic.

Working on understanding my body and my needs | Hollie in Wanderlust | Lifestyle Blogger

Appreciating the finer things in life.

If you read my savings goal post at the start of the year, you can probably understand that I like to stick to plans and lists, sometimes to the point where I let the finer things in life go unnoticed. I’m trying to ‘stop and smell the coffee’ and appreciate things that are going on around me rather than rushing through life without being able to see the bigger picture. Will I succeed? We shall see, but I’m going to try.
Any hints and tips for slowing down and looking after your needs? Let me know, I’m always after ideas to help further improve my mental health.

Understanding my mental health and knowing when to slow down | Hollie in Wanderlust | Lifestyle Blogger