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Since I was in my early teens, I’ve been lacking in general body confidence – but especially as far as my breasts are concerned. With so much emphasis and importance, oddly, placed on those balls of fat – there’s absolutely no wonder confidence levels were at an all time low. It’s fair to say that I wasn’t blessed with a lot – and it’s taken me shy of 15 years to clock onto the fact that it literally doesn’t matter at all. Here’s why; with a little help from Blush Atelier. 

Body confidence is always a tricky one to talk about, right?

Here goes. Dad, maybe stop reading now.

My physical attributes don’t contribute to who I am as a person

It’s not unreasonable for me to say that my appearance does matter to me – I like to look the best that I can. I take time to do my hair and makeup if I know we’re going out somewhere and I find myself feeling down if I don’t look my best. All feelings that are perfectly natural and involve some of the things I can actually do to change how I feel about myself. Having a smaller chest – not something I can reasonably go out and change, without a significant monetary investment. Five years ago, given the chance (and the cheque to pay for it), I probably would have made that investment but the last few years have really opened up my eyes and made me appreciate myself, my qualities and my tiny breasts.

I’ve started to appreciate the fact that I have qualities that are much more important than what I look like. I know that I’m kind – I always look out for those around me and worry too much about everyone else’s happiness. I work hard and am motivated to succeed. I am caring. All qualities that are much more important to me than my bra size.

Small boobs don’t have to be unflattering

An issue I’ve found over the years is how unaccommodating having small boobs can be – I’m sure the same can be said for having larger breasts but I think people forget about us smaller chester ladies in lieu of the larger chested problem. Whenever I go bra shopping, I find that they’re either ridiculously padded to make up for my lack of chest or else completely plain and unflattering. I’m not the biggest fan of bras anyway so I decided to do something about it, investing in good quality yet pretty bralettes. That’s where Blush Atelier came into the mix and made bralettes for small boobs easier than 1, 2, 3.

Combining comfort with style

We all know that, if you’re a woman, the best part of the day without a shadow of a doubt is getting home and being able to take your bra off. When I’m wearing a bralette, the rush to pull it off and free my boobs from their prison isn’t there anymore. Wearing bralettes allows me to have that support I need throughout the day, but also gives my boobs the freedom they need – they’re not packed tight against my chest or being rubbed up the wrong way by dodgy bra wiring. Buying bralettes that are pretty and make me feel good about myself helps too – with all of the bralettes chosen for Blush Atelier’s range being both beautiful to look at and flattering for the smaller chest. With so many different designs – and all so different in their designs – there really is something suitable for everyone, depending on your personal tastes. My personal favourites are Poppy and Dahlia – two bralettes that have never been further apart in terms of what they look like but are equally as beautiful. Bralettes for small boobs sounds like a given – but weirdly, it’s not the always case if you don’t want to compromise on style over comfort.

 With handpacked, lovingly processed purchases and beautiful packaging – you know that whatever product you buy has been put together with love and care.

Ebony Bralette | Blush Atelier | Black Lace Bralette Designed For Comfort and Style

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