September 2019 Reading List

Reading and I have had a bit of a love-hate relationship of late. Part of that comes with having a crazy-ass schedule – I haven’t had the time to dedicate to reading itself even though I’ve been trying to use my own motivation tactics to get me in the mood. Moving house has meant that the vast majority of my time recently has been accounted for but I’m determined to utilise my time a little more productively across the month of September – less Glee, more books, for sure. In August, I had a go at my first ever BookTube video – I really enjoyed filming it and I’ll definitely be doing more YouTube stuff down the line when things aren’t quite as hectic. Introducing: my September 2019 Reading List. 

September is my favourite month of the year – firstly, because it’s my birthday month and it’s a good old excuse to top up my book shelves and secondly because the weather starts to calm itself down and return to its perpetual stage of ‘cold.’ Which, of course, I love. I’ve chosen books that I think will reflect my mood. I’m talking thrillers and thoughtful contemporary fiction, this month. I’ll also be commuting to work by train from the 30th September so I’m more than looking forward to reading much more than I have been for the rest of the year. 

September 2019 Reading List | Hollie in Wanderlust | Book Blogger
For September, I’ve been a little less ambitious than I normally am with reading lists. I know how busy things have been lately and I’m trying not to put any additional pressure on myself. Here are the four books I’m planning on getting through this month. My September 2019 Reading List is humble but doable – just what I need. 

Platform 7 by Louise Doughty 

Platform Seven by Louise Doughty | Hollie in Wanderlust | September 2019 Reading List

Of course, I have to start off the month with a thriller. Platform Seven by Louise Doughty is only recently published, but it jumped out at me for being right up my street. Commencing in Peterborough train station in the early hours, a man is killed by an oncoming train. Only Lisa, our narrator, is present when it happens and understands exactly what the sensation feels like – having died in the same way 18 months previously from the same spot. I’ve heard mixed reviews of this one – some people seem to have loved it whilst other people have said it’s quite long-winded but I’m intrigued to give it a go. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be the easiest read considering the storyline but I’m eager to give it a go. 

The Promise by Katerina Diamond 

Naturally, one thriller isn’t enough. I read The Secret by Katerina Diamond back in 2016 and really enjoyed it so thought it was high time I read something else by her. The Promise is centred around a serial killer who dates his victims, getting to know their every secret, before he murders them. I love a who-dunnit and love reading books where I can try and figure out who the perpetrator is before the big reveal. I’m excited to read this one – it has a good reputation and I love the author’s writing. 

Half a World Away by Mike Gayle

Half A World Away by Mike Gayle | Hollie in Wanderlust | September 2019 Reading List

This is one I don’t know all that much about – and that’s often a good thing. Half a World Away by Mike Gayle is a contemporary, following two siblings, separated as children and brought up in a completely different world. When they find themselves reunited, years down the line, they inevitably their lives forever. I have a feeling it’s going to be a heartbreaker – and by God, do I love a heartbreaker. 

After the End by Clare Mackintosh 

After the End by Clare Mackintosh | Hollie in Wanderlust | September 2019 Reading List

Clare Mackintosh is probably one of my favourite authors of the last five years and I was due another read of one of her books. After the End focuses on decision making and decisiveness and the most important decision that Max and Pip, a strong and loving couple, have to make in their lifetime together. A contemporary fiction, I’m excited to get in touch with my more tender side and have a good old fashioned sob at a fantastically written piece of literature. 

What have you got on your September 2019 Reading List? Let me know! 

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