4 things I’m doing to make 2020 the best year yet – without resolutions

I always find that a New Year brings about so much unnecessary pressure – sitting down and deciding on resolutions and changes to your livelihood that will create a better you. Resolutions are normally quite unrealistic and bring about stress that absolutely no one at all needs – so this year, I’m doing it differently. I’m scrapping goals and resolutions, for the most part, and continuing on with what worked well for me in 2019.

Continuing to be conscious about my purchases and buy independently and sustainably where possible

I still buy far too many clothes and books for my liking but I’ve definitely curbed my purchasing significantly since this time last year – I only bought one thing in the Boxing Day sales this year and at £12 for a stunning pair of Oasis boots, it was a ‘needs must’ kind of purchase. I’ve spent a lot of time doing research on environmentally friendly, sustainable brands and I’ve tried in earnest to stop buying from fast fashion brands as far as possible. By no means was 2019 the perfect year – I still bought the odd item from Topshop or Nasty Gal when I fancied a treat, but unfortunately, shopping sustainably can be quite expensive so on a budget it’s very easy to fall back into old habits. Reducing my fast fashion buying was a goal from 2019 that I’m definitely going to be carrying into 2020. I’m trying to advocate buying from independent stores where I can and I’ll be doing my utmost to support small businesses around me.

I’ve also taken the plunge into understanding how to be more environmentally friendly and conscious of the effect that our ignorance is having on the planet. Single use plastic is a massive problem as far as maintaining the world that we live in is concerned and I must admit that I’ve always been quite overwhelmed by it all – I’m taking the time to educate myself in 2020 and will be doing everything in my power to be more environmentally friendly and reduce my own carbon footprint. I’m starting by swapping out my normal products for plastic-free alternatives and making sure to recycle as much as possible. As I’m trying to spend less money on clothes, I’ll also be taking full advantage of Depop and start exploring charity shops to see what bargains can be had.

Reminding myself that social media is a ‘perfect picture’ of someone’s life – and not necessarily the reality

If you looked on my Instagram, you’d be sure that I have the perfect life – on there are photos of lovely holidays, gifts, days out and delicious food. Acknowledging that my own life isn’t 24/7 a picture perfect Instagram representation has seriously helped me in realising the same about other people’s lives – and comparing myself to them is doing me absolutely no good whatsoever. Enjoying my own life and hitting my own goals for 2020 are a much better use of my time. I’ll still be sharing my ‘highs’ on social media but I’ll take other people’s with a much needed pinch of salt.

Setting myself goals instead of resolutions – but I won’t be beating myself up if they don’t all happen

In 2o19, I realised that goals aren’t the be all and end all. When I quit teaching for good in 2019, I had expectations as to where my life would be at by the end of 2019. I aimed to go freelance full time, revitalise my blog entirely and be my own boss. This is still a goal of mine, for one day – but it’s not something I’m willing to take the risk on doing right now. In the meantime, I have a new job that I absolutely love, my blog is starting to show the true colours of my own personality and I have enough freelance clients to balance out the pay cut I took when I quit my teaching position. I’ve set myself goals for the next year and have started to manifest how I can make these goals happen – but if they don’t become reality in 2020, it won’t be the end of the world. Resolutions don’t have to be overwhelming.

Continuing to document my life and make memories with loved ones

2019 was a tough year. We lost a close member of the family at the end of October and the last few months of the year were spent trying to come to terms with the grief. One of my goals for 2020 includes continuing on with making memories the way we did in 2019 – and documenting them as far as possible. My camera wasn’t touched from the end of October to December and I’m sad knowing that we did some lovely things over this period that we don’t have pictures to look back on. I’ll be taking pictures galore in 2020 and scrapbooking to my heart’s content. Memories are precious and I’ve loved looking back over my scrapbook at the end of each year – a resolution that I’ll be more than willing to keep, for sure.

Do you believe in making resolutions each year? What goals are you setting yourself for 2020 or would you rather do as I am and lower your own expectations?