SPONSORED: A Budget £20 Day in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Budgeting a day out can be tricky, particularly if your finances are tight and you can’t really afford to go wild. I understand exactly how that feels sometimes – we’re saving up to buy our Yorkshire home, while still maintaining some level of excitement knowing where to make cuts and compromises can be a serious challenge. In February 2020, the Bank of England will be releasing a brand new £20 into circulation and I was challenged by Morses Club, who offer Cash Loans (Representative 466.37% APR), to spend a day in my new home-city on a budget of £20. I’ve explored the city and come up with fab ideas as what to do in Leeds for £20 or less!

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Explore Leeds with £20

A full Day Out in Leeds for £20 or Less

I arrived in Leeds at 10am on a dreary and cold Sunday morning with a coffee cup in hand ready to start my day of exploration. Since moving to Leeds, I haven’t had much chance to go out and simply wander around and explore this beautiful city. I used to come to Leeds quite a lot when I was at university in Liverpool but student life is much different to the life I lead now, and I didn’t see half of the amazing things that Leeds has to offer. Having a day out, whether that be by yourself or with a friend or partner, doesn’t have to break the bank in the slightest and you can definitely see a brand new city on a budget if you need to do so. I’ve taken on the challenge myself – to go into Leeds with a crisp twenty and spend the afternoon exploring the city and eating good food. Looking for ideas for what to do in Leeds on a smaller budget? I’m your gal.

What to do in Leeds on a budget

The Royal Armouries Museum, Armouries Drive, Leeds

I started my day, post coffee, at The Royal Armouries Museum. I absolutely love visiting museums when I go to new places and I love learning about history and all the artefacts that come with it. The Royal Armouries museum hosts a large collection of weapons and other armoury related memorabilia and has 5 floors of displays to feast your eyes on. They also host a whole range of educational activities to get involved in – particularly in the school holidays- as well as showing films and giving lectures on historically relevant topics. It’s free to enter, which naturally is even better and leaves you with your entire £20 budget to spend on food and other such delights. After browsing the museum for an hour or so, I felt my brain was more than sufficiently filled with knowledge, so I made the (very wise) decision to grab a snack at The Corn Exchange.

The Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds

If you’re into Retro and vintage shopping, then The Corn Exchange is probably the place to go. Filled with vintage shops and other exciting little stores, you can probably spend a good hour browsing the rails and pick up some gorgeous pieces to add to your wardrobe. As I’m on a budget, I held off on the vintage clothing and nipped into The Plant Point to browse – their plants range from between a few pounds to a LOT of pounds, depending on the plant itself, but even my £20 budget could have stretched to a small cactus if I’d fancied it. I plan on buying some gorgeous plants for our living room in the next few weeks but hadn’t put enough thought into what species of plant I wanted so passed on making a purchase today. I was there for the snacks, of course, and a girl at work had recommended a newly opened shrine to treats – the 42nd East Bakehouse.

With a whole range of cookies and brownies on offer, it was an offer I wasn’t about to refuse. I picked up a Brownie Batter cookie that cost £3 – it’s absolutely enormous so I’ll likely take it home to share with my boyfriend. Deliciously moist and chocolatey, it’s the perfect sugar boost and will keep me going until lunch time. I spent some time browsing the Great Yorkshire Shop and found their cards hilarious – I’ll be going back there when I have a birthday coming up! k

Total spend so far: £3.00.

Cheap and Cheerful Food and Drink in Leeds

I am a big fan of eating out, particularly as far as cheap eats are concerned – finding delicious but cheap food in Leeds is absolutely no exception to this. My normal go-to for cheap and absolutely DELICIOUS grub would be Leeds Kirkgate Market, but unfortunately the market is closed on a Sunday. With that in mind, I had to really assess where I was going to grab my lunch and still stick to my £20 budget.

Leeds Kirkgate Market

On the off chance that you’re reading this and planning a trip to Leeds on a day other than a Sunday – this information is of vital importance. The home of the first ever M&S and now home to hundreds of little stalls and food stands – the inside market is to die for, with all kinds of culinary delights to feast your mitts on. I’m a big fan of oriental food and my favourite Kirkgate Market food stand is Bahn and Mee. My go-to food of choice is the Vietnamese BBQ pork with sticky rice and pickled veggies (and then smothered in sriracha sauce, of course). It costs £4.50 and is incredibly generously sized for the price – I reviewed it on my foodie blog here, if you’d like to read the full review. Kirkgate Market also has a stand for the Yorkshire Wrap Company, that offers absolutely delicious Yorkshire Pudding Wraps – with your choice of filling – and Jenny’s Jerk Chicken which I’m yet to try but have heard great things about. Whatever food stand you opt for, you’ll find yourself a bargain lunch that will barely touch your £20 budget.

Tapped, Boar Lane, Leeds

Unfortunately, with Kirkgate Market closed for Sunday, I still needed somewhere to go to fill my stomach after a morning of putting in some serious step action. A place I’ve been a few times and seriously RATE is Tapped on Boar Lane. I am a big fan of pizza in all shapes, sizes and flavours and Tapped has a whole variety of beer dough pizzas – their smallest size is perfect for a light lunch and they cost between £4.50 and £5.25. They also offer vegan and gluten free options, giving you the chance to try these deliciously baked pizzas regardless of your dietary requirements. I opted for ‘Hello, is it meat you’re looking for?’ at £5.25 and a (single) gin and tonic, coming to £10.40. An absolute steal for a delicious yet filling meal.

Total Spend So Far: £13.40

With my stomach full and my thirst for culture not quite quenched, I took a trip to the Leeds Art Gallery, my last stop of the day before my journey home. Leeds Art Gallery is jam packed full of modern, contemporary art and one of my favourite places to visit back when I was visiting friends in Leeds as a student. It also has a lovely coffee shop where I grabbed a Latte for £2.50, taking my expenditure for the day to £15.90. Just enough left for a swift pint in the pub, on the way home, I think!

Total Day Spend: £15.90

[This post has been sponsored by Morses Club. Morses Club offer fixed term cash loans that can be managed online quickly and easily. (Representative 466.37% APR)

 [This post has been sponsored by Morses Club. Morses Club are a doorstep loan company who offer fixed term cash loans. Representative 466.37% APR]