SPONSORED: Cheap and easy, delicious food with Schwartz

This is a paid collaboration with Schwartz but as always, my opinions remain my own.

If you know me well, you’ll know that I’m a big lover of food and cooking. I’m also a big fan of making cooking as easy and as tasty as possible. Working 9-5 in a city means that the temptation to buy food for lunch and then get home and snack on rubbish is really high – the last few months, we’ve really tried hard to take lunches to work as well as cooking nutritious yet delicious dinners for the evenings. I was over the moon when Schwartz got in touch and offered to send me one of their amazing spice and seasoning mixes – I’ve used their products for a number of years and was excited to get involved in their collaboration. They sent me over the chicken casserole mix and it really was the most simple way of ensuring that you get a delicious meal without slaving over the oven for hours on end.

Home cooking, without the fuss

Schwartz Chicken Casserole Recipe Mix

I do try and be adventurous in the kitchen but it’s far too easy to just order in a takeaway when you really can’t be bothered to cook. I am a big fan of hearty and filling meals, casserole being one of my favourites, particularly at this time of year. My challenge on Thursday evening was to make up a big dish of grub for our lunches for the following week and it’s fair to say that Schwartz definitely helped me in doing that with their chicken casserole recipe mix.

Meat based? Plant based? No problem.

The simplicity of the recipe mix makes it easily adaptable whether you eat meat or not – add chicken breast or else quorn strips if you choose not to eat meat. The recipe mix itself does have milk in but it is suitable for vegetarians if you’re that way inclined. The instructions on the recipe mix are incredibly easy to follow and you can adapt them to suit your own needs – I added broccoli into our casserole as I’m always keen to make sure I’m getting lots of vegetables in my lunches at work, but the dish would taste just as good if you chose to stick to the basics and just add what is recommended on the sachet.

Schwartz recipe mix can be cooked with meat or meat alternatives

I cooked the onions and carrots in a pan until they had softened up, then added in the broccoli for a couple of minutes. We decided to go with chicken thighs rather than the recommended breast as that was what we had in the house – we’re trying to be as waste-conscious as possible at the moment and only buy in food that we know we’re going to eat and get the most meals out of. I cooked 4 thighs, enough for 3 lunches, and saved the other two in the packet for later! Then came the easy part – adding the recipe mix to 300ml of water and mixing. I covered the veggies and the meat with the mix and popped in the oven for an hour. It came out smelling absolutely deliciously – and tasted even better.

Schwartz recipe mixes

The whole process was quick and easy – even though the cooking time was quite a while, I was able to get other bits and bobs done around the house whilst we were waiting, meaning it’s definitely something that you can get done if you have a busy lifestyle. You can also cook the casserole in your slow cooker if you have one – I’ll definitely be doing this next time as I truly do believe that food always tastes better when it’s been slow cooked. All in all, a true success and Richard and I are pleased to be eating delicious chicken casserole for our lunches this next week!

Have you ever tried the Schwartz casserole dishes and recipe mixes? Let me know what you thought below!