The House on The Lake by Nuala Ellwood

2020 is looking to be a great year in terms of my reading prowess- it’s only early February and I’m already finishing reading 8 books and am halfway through 3 others. How’s that for productivity? Taking advantage of my spare time on my commute to read has definitely helped with this, and I’ve managed to read books outside of my normal, go-to genres as well.

The House on the Lake by Nuala Ellwood

I love Nuala Ellwood and her books – I was lucky enough to be on the blog tour for The Day of the Accident this time last year so be invited back onto the tour for her newest book The House on the Lake was an absolute treat. The House on the Lake is a psychological, domestic thriller and we all know how I feel about those! I went in with my expectations incredibly high and my need for a good old fashioned thrilling equally as high.

The House on the Lake follows our main character Lisa and her little boy, Joe, as they escape from the seeming dangers of her little boy’s father. They run away to the wilderness of Yorkshire, taking refuge at the old home of one of her friends. The house is old, decrepit and has no running water- but Lisa has no choice but to stay there; it seems as though her livelihood depends on it. It’s safe to say that Lisa can’t stay hidden forever – we flit back and forwards between her tale and that of the previous occupiers of the house, waiting for the moment where the stories coincide and Lisa’s past finally catches up with her. On the other hand, Grace is being trained to be a ‘soldier’ by her veteran father; he doesn’t trust the locals around him in the slightest and has suffered greatly at the hands of the war.

I absolutely flew through this story on my commute – I found myself hoping that my train would be delayed so I could carry on reading. I found myself questioning every aspect of each character’s being and doubting their integrity – I enjoyed the ending but wasn’t as shocked by it as I was expecting to be, even though I didn’t fully figure out what was going on. I loved Lisa’s character and the friends that she made, although I found myself being frustrated by Grace and her side of the story – although I’m pretty sure that this is the intention of the author, rather than my not liking it. I would definitely recommend The House on the Lake to lovers of psychological thrillers and crime fiction alike. 

[I received this finished copy of The House on the Lake by Nuala Ellwood from Penguin Random House but as always, my opinions remain my own.]