He Started It by Samantha Downing | Book Review

Is there anything better than a road trip? When all of this Covid-19 drama is put to bed, hopefully in the very near future, I’m looking forward more than anything to booking a trip to see friends and explore our beautiful UK countryside. In the meantime, I’m sticking to staying at home and ploughing through my very large TBR pile. I’m actually way ahead of my Goodreads 2020 goal as it stands and it’ll be nice to be able to whack a few books back on my shelves and clear up my book trolley.

He Started It by Samantha Downing Book Review | Review of psychological thriller He Started It

He Started It by Samantha Downing follows a trio of siblings as they undertake the road trip of a lifetime – to take their grandfather to his final resting place, following the route of the road trip they took with him when they were kids. It becomes clear very quickly on that this road trip isn’t full of entirely happy memories – and this time around is absolutely no exception. The siblings, Beth, Eddie and Portia, accompanied by Beth and Eddie’s partners, haven’t been together all three of them for a number of years – for good reason. They’re not particularly happy about the road trip but their grandfather left them with strict instructions – go on the road trip, stay out of trouble, and you get the inheritance. Don’t? Lose your share. And their share? Pretty big, life-changing amounts of money. They go off on the road trip and follow it down to a tee- but of course, before long, things start to get incredibly weird and everything they used to fear comes right back up to the surface.

As psychological thrillers go, it wasn’t a bad one – it was just a bit too long. The story could have been shorter, with a few less twists and turns, and been just as good. I must admit I really didn’t like any of the characters – but I think that was the point; they’re all horrible characters with horrible motives and that was expressed quite clearly. The twists and turns are quite intriguing for the most part, but the ending left me feeling a little bit robbed of the ending I needed. I’d recommend.

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