In Five Years by Rebecca Serle | Book Review

Happy May! This year is absolutely flying by – particularly because we’re still in lockdown right now. I’m slowly getting used to out ‘new normal’ and I’ve done a LOT of reading during this time. A book I bought after researching lots of 99p kindle reads was In Five Years by Rebecca Serle. I naturally snapped up this bargain after a number of people tweet me to let me know just how good it was – and they were right to be so positive and optimistic about this one. It was an absolute delight.

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle Book Review

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle falls well into the contemporary romance genre that I’m slowly but surely falling in love with. Dannie, a corporate lawyer, put together a five year plan with her partner the minute they started getting serious about one another. As the story commences set in New York, she interviews for the job of her dreams, gets engaged to said partner and everything seems to be going absolutely swimmingly for her in every aspect of her life. Getting home drunk after getting engaged, Dannie wakes up in an apartment she doesn’t with a man who is definitely not the man she just got engaged to, wearing a ring that is completely the opposite of the one she had put on her fingers only hours before. She knows it’s not a dream – and the TV tells her it’s the same night, only 5 years in the future. Moments later, she’s back in the present year and from that point onwards, everything in her life starts to change.

I enjoyed the development of the story a lot and didn’t expect it to go in the direction it did. Dannie isn’t a character that I was overly fond of – but that definitely didn’t put me off the story. I found her to be quite a self-involved character who focused entirely on herself – I do think she developed as the story progressed, but she was a little bit ‘too perfect’ for me to fully warm to her. She has the perfect fiancé, the perfect well-paying job, the perfect apartment in New York. She has it all but yet, there’s still something missing.

I must say that I preferred that the story was a relatively short one – there wasn’t much to the plot, as a whole, so if it had been any longer it probably would have been a bit of a drag to read. The story is intentionally sad – something bad happens and if you’re anything like me and a sucker for a little sob, you’re probably going to cry. At the very least, you’ll tear up, like I did. All things considered, this book was a quick and easy read that left me feeling warm and slightly overwhelmed in my emotions. Most people have loved In Five Years by Rebecca Serle – give it a go, there’s a good chance that you might too.