Beach Read by Emily Henry | Book Review

I received a copy of Beach Read by Emily Henry from Penguin books for review. As always, all opinions remain my own.

Being in lockdown as it gets closer and closer to the summer months is tough – most of us will likely have had summer holiday plans and trips far and wide to look forward to. For the most part, these are cancelled but my lust for all things summer still runs deep. A book I’ve been looking forward to reading is Beach Read by Emily Henry – and my goodness, I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

Beach Read by Emily Henry Book Review

I received a copy of the Penguin books summer release catalogue last month and was invited to request titles that stood out to me. Beach Read by Emily Henry was on the list and I urgently requested a copy – with everything going on at the moment, Penguin were able to send an e-copy and not a physical copy but I was absolutely fine with that – I’ve just recently treated myself to a kindle and whilst I wasn’t the biggest fan of it at first, it’s definitely quickly grown on me. I was eager to read this one as soon as the download hit my device.

Beach Read by Emily Henry follows January, a published author with an impending deadline. After her father tragically dies, very suddenly, she finds out that he has been leading a double life and is handed the keys to his beach house. Skint, uninspired and in need of an escape, January moves herself into the beach house as a last ditch attempt to meet her September book deadline. In the beach house next door lives fellow author Augustus Everett – while January writes romance, he writes literary fiction- they couldn’t be more different. Worst of all, January and August know each other. Quite well, in fact. On the same programme at college, spent an evening making out at a party… January’s views of Augustus are all negative. With the town intent on throwing them together, a challenge between the two is created – January will write something in the literary fiction genre, while Augustus will try his hand at romance fiction. What can go wrong?

I absolutely adored this book – I fired through it in a single sitting and I loved every aspect of this marvellous book. It was engaging, thoughtful, emotional, romantic and even a little bit raunchy at times – combined to make a perfect contemporary romance. I’ve read a lot of contemporary romance books during lockdown and they just keep getting better – this one is absolutely no exception. I adored the characters (where do I get myself an Augustus Everett?) and the whole story was the summer read I didn’t know I needed. I’m beyond excited to see what Emily Henry does next – surely only good things to come? 

Beach Read by Emily Henry Book Review