Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho | Book Review

Last Summer, I read Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan and honestly opened a door to a whole genre of literature that I hadn’t delved into. Stories depicting the lives of the rich and ~extortionately rich~ in Asia isn’t something I’ve read a lot of – but it’s fair to say that they’re definitely becoming more and more popular. I needed a new audiobook to listen to whilst working and Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho jumped out to me – described as being Crazy Rich Asians crossed with Bridget Jones’ Diary, I had high expectations and got stuck right in.

Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho

Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho

Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho follows Andrea Tang, a 33 year old lawyer living in Singapore. From an outsiders perspective, she is definitely living the dream – she has a great apartment, is a top 40 under 40 lawyer in the big city and the best friends she could possibly ask for. She’s on track to make partner at her law firm and everything in her life is positive and leaving her fulfilled.

Her family members do not agree. They’re flabbergasted by Andrea’s lack of husband and when her final single, of age, cousin finally gets engaged, she decides to get back on the dating game and try out some of the more reputable dating apps. She tries dating casually, tries looking for a long time relationship and tries being single – none of which appear to be working for her. Add an especially attractive rival co-worker to the mix in the form of Suresh Aditparan and Andrea is seriously in trouble. Suresh is engaged to be married to an Indian bombshell, is absolutely gorgeous and is her closest rival for partner – plus, he’s the author of an immensely popular graphic novel sequence on instagram that does serious things to her. When they are thrust together on multiple cases and even take a trip abroad together for a client’s meeting, it seems that them being friends is key to success – in more ways than one.

I loved Crazy Rich Asians so for this one to be described as being similar to it bode well for me – I was right to feel really positively about this book as it was just as good as Crazy Rich Asians, if not slightly better. As I was listening to the audiobook (along with reading the eBook), I found myself physically laughing out loud – some of the language was absolutely hilarious and the story itself was a mixture of Asian-specific humour, emotive seriousness and some much needed romance between a number of the characters. At no point did I find myself forcing myself to listen or carry on reading – if anything, I had to force myself to stop reading to sleep/eat/do other things. If you’re looking for a light and hilarious read to get you through a bit of a lull then Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho is definitely the choice for you.