The Great Godden by Meg Rosoff | Book Review

I feel like it’s been about 10 years since I read a novel by Meg Rosoff – it’s probably been longer. As a teenager, I was a massive lover of How I Live Now and Just in Case, both books that introduced me to the YA genre and opened my eyes to just how good the genre can be. I still love YA fiction (weirdly, Meg Rosoff is included in this post!) but I must admit I don’t read half as much from the genre as I used to. I’m trying to rectify this, asking for recommendations and keeping an eye out on authors that I love. I was browsing Netgalley a few days ago and noticed that a Meg Rosoff book was on offer – The Great Godden- naturally, I requested a copy and was lucky enough to have my request accepted by the publisher. I got stuck into the book straight away – I just couldn’t resist taking myself back in time.

The Great Godden Book Review – a YA novel by Meg Rosoff

The Great Godden by Meg Rosoff

We are guided through the tale by an unknown narrator – we know very little about their physical being, their gender and their appearance; we do, however, know that they have two sisters and a brother and that they don’t really consider themselves to be all that beautiful. Every year, the narrator and their family drive to the beach and spend the summer holidays there – each with their own hobbies and past times, spending the summer doing their own thing. Our narrator chooses to work – we know that they want to get out of the house and away from the Goddens – both of them, that is. The Goddens have arrived from America – one gorgeous, magically endearing and the other dark and mysterious. Both appeal to the narrator, in seemingly different ways. The narrator’s sister quickly strikes up a relationship with Kit; he’s the gorgeous one, the one everyone wants. The story unravels and Kit’s true character comes to light – how can someone so beautiful be so dangerous?

I loved this story – I fully expected to, considering my love of Meg Rosoff growing up. It’s quite a dark book, inadvertently so, and I found myself really sympathising with the characters- bar one, of course. It’s a very quick read – I read it in a single sitting, and the language is very reliable, warming and intricate. I’d argue it’s the perfect summer holiday read.

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