An Unusual Lockdown Birthday with Moonpig [AD] | Lifestyle

When all of this COVID-19 palaver started, I was almost POSITIVE it would be all settled down and almost back to normal when my birthday in September was upon us. We’re now at the end of September, my birthday was a few days ago and we still find ourselves in the most unusual of times. The team at Moonpig got in touch about a birthday inspired post – so I thought what better opportunity to take a step back from my usual birthday plans and expectations and think of how I could still have a fantastic day in lockdown. Moonpig were kind enough to send over a beautiful package of goodies for me to have a relaxing birthday from the comfort of my home.

Celebrating my 27th Birthday with Moonpig

Our original plan for my birthday was a day at the Zoo – we were going to drive from where we live in West Yorkshire to Blackpool and stop off at my parents in East Lancashire on the way back. With lockdown in East Lancashire announced a few days prior to my birthday, that plan was ruled out pretty quickly and with having a VERY strict saving regime in place, we took it as a blessing in disguise. Instead, we booked a house viewing (that we had to rearrange due to our car breaking down, AGAIN. All fun and games in our lives at the moment!) and said we’d have a picnic wine and cheese night – and that’s where Moonpig came in.

Moonpig Personalised Cards

I got 3 boxes of goodies from Moonpig to delve into on my birthday – as well as some credit to order personalised cards as well. I made the card orders prior to my birthday – I chose 3 birthday cards and then a thank you card as well and the credit paid for all of these cards. I handed the birthday cards over to my boyfriend to select one to write for me – saving those ££s again – and the other two birthday cards and the thank you card will be used for future events. We actually got engaged on my birthday (!!!) and have received some lovely cards in the post so the thank you card will likely be sent out to one of our lovely friends and family as a thank you! The ordering process was really simple – you can customise the cards, you can add in photos to make them much more personalised or else you can choose one of the pre-designed cards and write in your own message inside them. I went for pre-designed cards and left them blank inside as I’m not sure who they’ll be sent to just yet.

An (indoor) Birthday Picnic

My favourite type of ‘lazy dinner’ is a picky wine and cheese tea. Richard had bought us a bottle of the bubbly to celebrate our engagement which we enjoyed – but I also had a gorgeous gin hamper sent to me by Moonpig. The rain was absolutely pouring so any chance of an outdoor picnic in a local park was 0 so instead, we persevered and set up camp in our living room instead. You may have made me mention on social media just how much I love Autumn as a season, so it was the perfect opportunity to get cosy and enjoy some lovely drinks and food.

Moonpig Hamper Collaboration

Moonpig Gin Hamper

The hamper that Moonpig sent over to me was absolutely stunning – a gorgeous white whicker basket filled with Elderflower gin liqueur, fenitmans premium tonic water, dry gin fix gummies, gin flavoured toffee and gin and tonic flavoured popcorn too – as well as a lovely gin glass to enjoy my drink in! I’d indicated to the team at Moonpig that I LOVE gin, so this themed basket was perfect. The hamper basket itself is absolutely stunning – I was looking to buy a picnic basket a few months ago and couldn’t find an affordable AND aesthetic one that I liked, so this is perfect. I’ll definitely be stocking this up with our picnic plates and glasses and taking FULL advantage next year when the weather starts to become more mild again. The treats inside were very indulgent – the popcorn is very moreish and I had to stop myself from eating the whole bag. I’ve bought the gin and tonic gummies before and they’re really tasty – will definitely enjoy diving into those on a movie night.

Along with the gorgeous basket of goodies, I was sent a calming ‘Relax’ candle – we absolutely love this brand of candle, having had a couple of the other scents and it’s fair to say that they smell incredible. Covid-19 is definitely having an adverse affect on my mental health on occasion and this will be lovely lit whilst I have a long soak in the bath with a book – the dream.

Moonpig - Friends Trivial Pursuit

Richard and I enjoy playing board games when we have date nights in – and we absolutely LOVE Friends. Since we got together, we’ve probably watched Friends all the way through about 7 or 8 times – a little embarrassing, but we watch it when we’re relaxing and don’t want to pay too much attention, when we’re winding down after a long day at work and when we can’t decide on what we want to watch, too! We’re massive fans of Trivial Pursuit – we have the Original board game, we have a Sport edition and a Harry Potter edition and now, we have a Friends edition too. The questions are split into seasons and the set comes with a coloured dice and a ‘pie’ too – because we have the board game, we can integrate this themed game into the full game or else play it whilst travelling and make a note of the coloured pies we win on pen and paper! A very versatile choice – and a game I’m guaranteed to win, too!

Moonpig Birthday Celebrations Helium Balloon

I also received a beautiful helium birthday balloon – I was overwhelmed with all their lovely gifts and it really opened up my eyes as to how much Moonpig can actually provide for those seeking birthday gifts for friends and family. Moonpig were kind enough to share an exclusive discount code for the month of October – if you use the Moonpig app to order your cards, you can get 20% off the total cost by using the code APP20CA