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Pizza and I have a long and happy relationship. I’m constantly on the lookout for good, high quality pizza – specifically, thin based, fluffy pizza with thick, stringy mozzarella and fresh toppings. It’s making me salivate just thinking about it, if I’m honest. My partner and I went on a day trip (and overnight stay) back to our former abode Liverpool – it’s been just short of a year since we moved from Liverpool to West Yorkshire and we haven’t been back since. With days off booked from work and the music festival we had planned to go to cancelled because of COVID, we donned our (matching) face masks and got the train to Liverpool for some food and drinks. We decided that Rudy’s Pizzeria on Castle Street was our lunch eatery of choice – and what a choice!

Our Trip to Rudy’s Pizzeria, Castle Street, Liverpool

Rudy's Pizzaria Liverpool

I’ve been to Rudy’s a couple of times before – to the one in Manchester with my bestie and then to the one in Leeds as well with a friend from school (although she didn’t tell me she doesn’t like pizza until after we’d sat down and had the menus delivered. Who doesn’t like pizza? Madness.) We’ve never been to the Liverpool Rudy’s though and thought it’d be a good choice for a reasonably priced lunch. Richard had never been to Rudy’s full stop, so was keen to give it a go too.

Coronavirus Measures? Check

We made our reservations in advance with social distancing and reduced capacity, and it wasn’t too busy to say it was a Friday lunch time and the rest of Liverpool City Centre was heaving. I felt perfectly safe throughout the entire experience, the waitress came and took our order (from a distance) and food was delivered just as quickly as always. They had handy green and red dual-sided plaques on the table, green when the tables had been adequately cleaned and disinfected between customers and red for when the table still needed seeing to.

Delicious, thin crust Italian pizza – just like it is in Napoli

The pizzas that Rudy’s Pizzeria serves are Neapolitan inspired pizzas – and they definitely do the Italians justice. We decided against starters on this occasion as we had a meal booked at Gusto later in the evening too – and we fancied getting a full 3 course spread there! I went for the Salame pizza whilst Richard ordered the Calabrese – which had spicy n’duja sausage on it. The menu warned that it was a hot one – but Richard has reliably informed me that it wasn’t spicy really, and the waitress agreed that she could handle it and she wasn’t the biggest fan of spice herself. Not really sure about the warning on the menu there but it was absolutely delicious nevertheless.

The crust of the pizza alone is enough to warrant visiting Rudy’s – it’s fluffy on the inside and firm on the outside. An absolute game changer, it must be said. The pizza is thin and flavoursome, the cheese is stringy and tasty. Even better? They’re really affordable as well – 2 pizzas, a beer and a soft drink cost us less than £25. An absolute bargain lunch – and one that I’ll be craving for the weeks to come!

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