The Flip Side by James Bailey | Book Review

Contemporary romances and romantic comedies are becoming a bit of a go-to for me at the moment. In June and July, I got myself through a disgustingly large amount of the genre – and I’m here to share some thoughts on some of my favourites, of course. The Flip Side by James Bailey was a book I read in the midst of my reading tornado – and to be quite honest with you, it was one of the books that truly reignited my love for the genre.

The Flip Side by James Bailey Book Review

The Flip Side by James Bailey

The Flip Side by James Bailey is a fantastic romantic comedy – but at the same time, it’s not. It’s not the stereotypical romantic general fiction book that I’ve come to expect, and become addicted to. The Flip Side follows a young man, Josh, who’s not having all that great a time. He proposes to his girlfriend in one of the London Eye pods, and, unfortunately for him and his livelihood, she says no. Thus follows him leaving his job, moving out of their flat and moving back home to his family home. After a failed date that involved losing his wallet in a supermarket after buying his date flowers and ordering the cheapest things on the menu AND using a coupon to cover the cost, he decides that from this day forwards, he’ll be making all of his decisions using the flip of a coin.

Whilst waiting for his friend to pass during a marathon, Josh meets a girl, who he affectionately calls Sunflower Girl. I say affectionately, because he doesn’t know her name – all he knows about her is that she lives in a city that hosts one of the Van Gogh Sunflower paintings, and that she works in a bookstore. After another failed attempt at romance – aka, his mother trying to set him up with a childhood friend- Josh decides that he’s going to track her down. One problem? Van Gogh has more than 1 Sunflowers painting and there is definitely more than one bookstore in each of these cities… Throw in a pub quiz, two very down to earth best friends and a social media viral campaign,  Josh is on his way to track her down – but will she be in Berlin, in Amsterdam, in Paris?

I absolutely adored this story – it was hilarious at times and snort-worthy at others. I loved Josh – he’s a character you can’t help but feel sorry for, everything that could go wrong for him really does and it’s a mixture of heartbreaking and hilarious and I am completely in favour of it. I loved how the journey from country to country unravelled and the measures he (and his friends) went to to help him find the glorious Sunflower Girl.

A heartwarming and affirming story that will make you laugh and give you that warm, fuzzy hug that you didn’t know you were craving.