My Realistic Goals for 2021

I didn’t do ‘resolutions’ as such in 2020 – and it’s a pretty good job I didn’t considering everything that went on over the course of the year. Instead, I gave myself four ‘goals’ for the year to stick to and for the most part, I was pretty successful in all of them. I wish we could have got out and about a bit more to document and make some memories, but everyone was in exactly the same situation and we did the absolute best we could and still managed to make some amazing memories.

My Realistic Goals for 2021

I’m trying to be realistic as always with my goals – no one knows what this year’s going to look like, particularly with COVID still bearing its nasty little head as it stands. I’ve come up with 4 realistic and highly achievable goals for the year – and I think I’ll be good to go on most of them!

Hit our saving goal and buy our dream home

Richard and I have been saving to buy a new house seriously since February of this year – and we’re SO close to our saving goal. Working from home has caused a whole range of emotions this year but it has had a positive effect in the sense that it has allowed us to save money we would spend on travel into work and the inevitable snacks we bought during our commute and whilst we were working at the office. I’ve shared a post of all my favourite savings hacks  that have been really helpful over the last 10 months or so in helping us finally get to our goal. It’s been a long and hard slog but the finish line is definitely in sight now and I know just how good it will feel when we get the keys to our new home.

Start planning our wedding

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen that Richard and I (finally) got engaged in September. It was a really lovely proposal and we’re both really happy – but since then, 3 months have planned and we haven’t really got going with the planning. We have a rough date in mind for early 2023 and a location in mind but nothing has been booked as of yet and I’d definitely like to rectify that in 2021. I’m also planning a few Wedding Chronicles posts to have a chat about our planning process and things we’re doing to prepare for the big day – I want to get crafty and DIY a lot of the bits and bobs so I’m excited to share what we’ve been making and experiment with colours and crafts.

Read the backlog of books I have on my shelves

Realistic goals for 2021

I own a lot of books – both physical copies and the vast collection of eBooks that I have on my Kindle. Coupling up with my savings goal as above, I’m trying not to buy books as frequently in 2021 – it’s a partial book ban that allows for the pre-orders I’ve already made and my beloved Fairyloot subscription, for which cancelling is an absolute no. I waited 4 months to get onto that and I’m not risking losing my spot again! I’ve put together a catalogue of all the books I have to read and let’s just say, it’s quite a substantial list and will keep me going for at least two-thirds of the year. Reading this backlog of books will not only save me an absolute fortune, but I’ll also feel a lot less stressed about my library and my overwhelming need to read everything in sight.

Explore the UK where we can

Whilst we’re still very unsure about foreign travel, the UK is definitely our oyster and there are so many beautiful places local to us and within a few hours driving distance that we’re yet to explore. As soon as we’re able to leave our little West Yorkshire bubble in tier 3, I’m keen to check off some of the gorgeous places in the UK that I’ve been wanting to see. I’ve never been to Newcastle before, and am dying to visit, and there are loads of gorgeous locations in East Yorkshire that I’m dying to have a looksie at. I always forget how many beautiful places there are in the UK to see and I take that for granted sometimes, I think. We do have a holiday booked for May to Spain – but of course, that’s all COVID dependent – and we’re unlikely to book any more trips abroad until the situation has calmed down significantly. I’m trying to be as responsible as possible with travel as we have to consider not only ourselves, but those around us too, but I’m hoping 2021 will bring some brighter news.

What are your realistic goals for 2021? Did you have any resolutions in 2020? Were you able to stick to them throughout the madness? Let me know!