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I’ve been working exclusively from home as part of my job role since the end of March 2020 and I imagine quite a few people reading this have been doing exactly the same. Since that day, I have been into my company’s offices in Leeds once – to send out some letters that urgently needed to go. Working in HR, needless to say, I haven’t been furloughed at any point – I feel very fortunate that this is the case, don’t get me wrong, but it’s truly allowed me the opportunity to reflect on how I work and how I can be as productive as possible. My working from home tips are basic, easy things that you can switch up to make your working from home experience as stress-free as possible.

Working from home tips

4 Working From Home Tips That I LIVE By

Ensure you keep yourself in somewhat of a routine

If you’re used to getting up early to commute into work, try to keep to this routine and occupy this gained time with something you enjoy doing. I’ve tried to keep to a schedule – I get up around 8, allow myself a little time to walk up naturally and seize the day, read a few pages of my book and then I turn my computer on at 8.40 to give it a bit of time to warm up. I start my day in the same way each day and spend some time organising how I’m going to spend the day. I then get to it. I have a lunch break for an hour either at 12 or 1, depending on the day, and finish up at 5. I try not to stay too late past 5. After work, I wind down for a little while with a book or an episode of FRIENDS and then I get going with dinner. Keeping the same routine allows me to benefit from the time I would normally have spent on the train and has also helped my mental health significantly.

Take Regular Breaks

Working from home can be stressful in the sense that you feel as though you need to be working 100% of the time, otherwise you won’t be working in the same way as in your normal working environment. This isn’t the case – I know for a fact that I would go and make a drink, go to the bathroom, have a chat with a colleague. Allow yourself a few minutes every year to stretch, walk around, use the bathroom, refill your water bottle… whatever it is that you need to do to ensure that you’re working at the highest standard. Give yourself 5 minutes to chat with your household members – no one’s going to lose their heads and you’ll get the work done when you get back.

Make Sure You Set Yourself Up in the Right Environment

It sounds obvious but be sure that the environment that you set yourself up to work in is as suitable as possible. As tempting as it may be to sit in front of the TV with an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (and believe me, on quieter days I’m tempted!), sitting in an area of the house specifically for work is a surefire way of working productively. I’m fortunate in the sense that we have a spare room that we turned into an office to work in – my partner isn’t quite as lucky as he’s been relegated to the kitchen table. If your workspace is in a living space, make sure you’re able to separate yourself from work once the day is over – put your work laptop away, don’t be tempted to work too late and give yourself some wind-down time before you start on the lifestyle jobs you’ve likely got to get on with.

Allow Yourself A Weekly Treat

When I was commuting to work in the office, my weekly treat would be a Gregg’s sausage sarnie on a Friday or a KFC snack box lunch every so often. Whilst it wasn’t the best for my bank balance, it was pretty good for my morale and my motivation. Treat yourself to a couple of episodes of your favourite show, order yourself a takeaway, have an evening pamper session. Whatever it is that motivates you to do more, use that to essentially bribe yourself. It works – let’s be honest!

What are your MUST KNOW working from home tips? I’m always looking at improving my working regime and being more mindful of my own needs, so do share your hints and tips in the comments below!