5 Little Ways To Feel Happier Right Now | Lifestyle

I think it’s fair to say that at the moment, with everything going on, we’re all feeling a little bit down in the dumps. The days are flying by and our routines are pretty cyclical at the moment – and it’s getting harder and harder to just get on with things, isn’t it? In a desperate attempt to bring some joy, I’ve had a little sit down and thought of 5 easy to do things that will hopefully make you feel happier right here, right now.

5 Little Ways To Feel Happier Right Now

Feel happier during lockdown with a soak

Go for a little wander outside

A fairly obvious one, but a happiness trigger all the same. I always feel about 100x better whenever I get myself outside and into the fresh air – whether its a 30-minute walk or just ten minutes outside wandering to the shop, that burst of fresh air will undoubtedly give you moments of much-needed joy. As the weather is slowly starting to improve, I’m looking forward to getting out and about and enjoying the fresh air.

Listen to some of your favourite albums

I’ve started a smaller series on this blog of ‘Albums I’ve Loved This Week‘ and it really has got me rediscovering all of the music I love the most – and sometimes forget all about. I’ll be doing another post with another week’s worth of albums shortly but is there anything better than hearing a song, or a compilation of songs, that you haven’t heard for a good while? I think not.

Run yourself a hot bubble bath

My Friday tradition (although it’s more like a Mon-Wed-Fri tradition as this lockdown goes on and on!) is to run a steaming hot bubble bath (usually the minute 5pm hits) and soak to my hearts content ahead of the weekend. It allows me to relax, have a little bit of me time and unwind after a week of working on spreadsheets, calculating pay and all the other fun (!!) aspects of my job. I normally have a read of my kindle or listen to an audiobook as I soak and I find that it really does set me up for a lovely relaxing weekend.

Make a 10:10:10 list

I’ve seen these lists floating around over the last few weeks and they’re nice ways of getting your hopes and dreams down on paper – and also improve your own personal wellbeing as you take the time to appreciate what you have. You start with your 10 Deepest Desires, then you write down 10 things you are grateful for at the moment and finish up with 10 things that bring you joy. If you’re looking for more of a daily happiness list, then you can amend it to 3:3:3 or 5:5:5. Whatever works for you.

Do Something Thoughtful For Something Else

Sometimes, doing nice things for other people brings as much happiness to your life as anything else you could possibly think of. Send a friend a gift to show that you’re thinking about them, offer to do some shopping for an elderly neighbour or relative, help one of your work colleagues out at work and just wait for the happiness to ring true.

What do you do to help yourself feel happier? Let me know!