You and Me on Vacation by Emily Henry | Contemporary Romance

February – and in line with Valentine’s Day and the month of love, I managed to devour a Contemporary Romance already this month. A book I truly adored in 2020 was Beach Read by Emily Henry and to get an ARC of You and Me on Vacation by Emily Henry off the back of that was a real treat. I don’t really have the energy for late-night reading and I especially don’t have the energy to read into the early hours anymore – but apparently, I made an exception for You and Me on Vacation, starting the book at 11.30 at night and wrapping it up 2 and a half hours later.

You and Me on Vacation by Emily Henry Book Review

You and Me on Vacation Emily Henry Book Review

You and Me on Vacation focuses on two friends, Poppy and Alex, who met whilst they were at university in Chicago, although they quickly discover they’re from the same place. With Alex returning to their childhood home in Ohio and Poppy relocating to bustling New York City to grow her travel blog and eventually work for a Travel Publication, it’s fair to say that their friendship relies heavily on texting, random meet-ups and long-distance calls – and of course, the yearly trip they take together to distant and local locations. Chapter by Chapter, we are taken back and forth between the Present Day and 10 years previously to their first trip together, then their 2nd and so on – unravelling everything there is to understand about the friendship’s dynamics and getting to the bottom of the ‘rift’ that forced them apart just two summers previously. It’s easy enough to speculate about the rift but the story does remarkable things in exploring friendships, relationships and getting to the bottom of what you truly want and need,

I adored the characters – Alex is definitely the epitome of a caring and thoughtful man, whilst Poppy is the confident and ‘can-do’ personality we all wish we had inside of ourselves. Despite their differences, the story definitely works – everything about the story kept me completely hooked and I was really sad to get to the end of it so quickly – ah, the pains of binge reading! I 100% recommend this book to anyone who loves reading contemporary romance books; it was light-hearted for the most part and a very easy, quick read.