Finlay Donovan is Killing it by Elle Cosimano | Book Review

The last few weeks have been really odd for me – I haven’t felt much like reading at all and my motivation to do anything outside of work other than watch Greys Anatomy and eat copious amounts of food has been pretty none existent. Last weekend, something inside me changed and I decided that reading was absolutely all that I wanted to do – and boy, did I read. I managed to read around 700 pages over the course of a day and a bit and the books that I chose brought me joy in ways that I hadn’t experienced in weeks – Finlay Donovan is Killing It by Elle Cosimano being one of the books that I devoured.

Finlay Donovan is Killing it by Elle Cosimano Book Review

Finlay Donovan is Killing it by Elle Cosimano Book Review

I’m not one for mystery stories normally – I love the occasional Agatha Christie book but it’s not a genre that I necessarily gravitate towards. I kept hearing good things about Finlay Donovan is Killing It, on Bookstagram, Goodreads and also word of mouth from a few of my friends and when I saw that it was included in the pesky 99p Kindle deal (pesky only because I simply CANNOT resist them!) I paid, downloaded and opened it straight up.

The story focuses on our main character who, needless to say, is called Finlay Donovan – Finlay is a struggling author going through a particularly tough time. Seriously; it couldn’t really get any worse for her. Her husband has cheated on her, divorced her and got engaged to the woman he was having an affair with over a very short period of time, her kids are frankly out of control and she’s struggling to get by on the royalties from her previous books. She is behind on every possible bill that she has to keep up with and her agent is at her to submit the manuscript for her very nearly overdue book – a book that she has written a grand total of nada for. She meets with her agent in public and discusses the outline for her new book – and with her new book involving murder, it made for interesting background noise for unsuspecting members of the public. So much so that, when she is about to leave, she is handed a note by a lady – opening it to reveal what can only be the lady’s husband’s name, a very generous offer and a contact number. Did I say her life couldn’t really get any worse? I bet being mistaken for a hitman probably smashes that perception.

Funny, one of a kind plot line with twists and turns

Now, a normal person would likely have a giggle at the fact you’d been mistaken for being a hitman, screwed up the piece of paper and forgotten all about it. The woman doesn’t know you are, can’t find you and you don’t have to worry any further. Finlay, clearly, is not a normal person and instead calls the wife – leading to a hell of a lot of chaos unfolding. I really did enjoy this book – it was lighthearted, hilarious at times, ridiculous at others (but in a good way) and it was also incredibly quick paced and a good length. It gave me that much needed opportunity to well and truly blast the reading slump out of my system and it was a great book to do so with.

I liked the characters – normally, a character like Finlay would annoy me; ridiculous actions, no common sense whatsoever and a bit of a ‘woe is me’ mentality but in this case, I actually quite liked her – she was meant to be all of the above and she did it incredibly well. My only gripe with the story really was the ending – it was a bit lackluster and I expected there to be an amazingly ingenious twist in the tale. It still ended pretty well, but I would have liked for a little bit more drama. Finlay Donovan is Killing It was a great read and I’ll be looking for future releases by this author too!