The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling | Book Review

Another contemporary romance book review coming your way. We are due to move house at the start of next week, so obviously I took it upon myself to start a new series on the blog – the 12 days of book reviews, and here we have Day 2. This book is another one that has been enormously popular in the Booktok community; as I mentioned in my review of The Spanish Love Deception, I’m an absolute sucker for 99p Kindle books so when I saw The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling amongst the December offers, I snapped it up immediately. Absolutely wonderful life choice, would recommend, and here’s why:

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling Book Review

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling Book Review

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling follows Vivienne Jones, a witchy American who, 9 years ago, suffered the biggest, most traumatic break-up of her life so far at the hands of Rhys Penhallow, fellow witch and descendent of her town’s founders. Not only did he completely break her heart, he also led her, along with her cousin, to do the one thing she swore she would never do; mixed vodka with magic and took it upon herself to do some gentle hexing. Nothing sinister at all, she was sure of it; just a few sexual misendeavors for him, a little hex on his perfect hair, you know the drill. Except, nothing ever happens as intended and instead, Vivi finds that things in the town have started to go a little bit wrong, especially now that Rhys has returned to the scene of the crime…

Hex your ex? Sounds good to me

We’ve all got an ex-partner that we probably wouldn’t mind a dash of misfortune to fall upon them so this book has a completely plausible and intriguing plot. The characters themselves are incredibly likeable – Rhys is a bit of a bad boy, not as serious about magic and the responsibilities that come with being related to the founders as his family expects him to be. Pair him with Vivi, a serious and studious history teacher and it’s frankly a recipe for disaster but one I was completely on board with.

I sped through the story – the plot was gripping and intriguing, enough spooky goings on to make it somewhat of a perfect Halloween/Autumn/Winter book but not enough that it took away from the entire point of the story – the romance and the smut, of course. A generous amount of both – but not so sickly sweet that it was painful to read, which frankly, is exactly how I want my smut.

I expected this one to be a 5 star read – a lot of people I follow on Booktube/Booktok rated it 5 stars and I normally align quite closely to their own views; whilst I did really enjoy the book and would probably read it again, I’m not the biggest fan of ‘Witch tales’ so that didn’t really add anything to the story for me personally and there were a few moments throughout the story where I wish they’d elaborated a little bit more, or what happened was a bit ‘meh, whatever’ to me. That said, it was still a solid read with lots of positives so instead, I’ve given it a 3.75/5, rounded up to 4 for the benefit of my graphic below. I’d love to hear if anyone else has read this book recently and if so, what they thought of it?

This book is still available to purchase on Kindle for 99p, so if you fancy an easy read this delightful month of December then click on the little graphic below and go wild:

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